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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Legoland Malaysia - Part 4

We continued our journey to the Land of Adventure, Legoland Malaysia.

Parrots made of Lego bricks!

A statue of an Egyptian pharaoh.

A camel, the Ship of the Desert.

There were other rides available in the Land of Adventure but the kids weren't too keen on them.  So we went back to Lego City.

Sera was enjoying herself driving the car at the Lego Junior Driving School while Lynn and I were waiting for our turn at the boating school.

Sera finished her ride and Ardon brought her to join us while we were still waiting...

Finally, it was our turn.

Lynn driving the boat
 It started to drizzle while we were in the boat.

After the ride, we went to some of the shops to buy Lego stuff.  Lynn was especially excited to find the shop that let her "pick a brick" where she could choose the bricks from a wide selection and pay by weight.

After all the shopping, it's home sweet home!

The End.

Written by Anne

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