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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lego City set review: set 4200

Here's another review of a Lego set. The set number is 4200 and the name of the set is mining 4x4 and let's get on to the review.
Now to start off, the set includes a lot of new pieces like the drill, the piece on the front of the car, the gold crystals and last but not least, a detailed minifigure. Here's 2 pictures of the set:

Mining 4x4

The miner
Overall, I give this set a 10/10 because of it's playable features and cool new pieces! Oh by the way, here's a picture of the rock that was included in this set:

Rock w/ gold inside.
Now, I have a short video clip of the miner's most recent trip at finding gold. However, instead of finding gold, he found something else! What could it be? Watch the video to find out!

That's it for now! Bye!

Written by Lynn

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