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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lego legends of Chima minifigure MOC: Edar(Pronounced as e-dar)

Here's a Legends of Chima minifigure MOC, Edar!Here's a pictures of him.

Weapon: Pike
Species: Eagle-raven hybrid. However, he chose to join the eagle tribe.
Personality: Brave, loyal and hard to beat.
Background: When Edar was small, he always wanted to use pikes for fighting. He reads books about how to use pikes too. He loves face to face combat and often practise fighting with his parents. When his parents died, he started using pikes and really loves the feeling of it. Once, when he went for a battle alone, he was waiting to ambush the ravens because they have stolen his favourite pike. One of the raven guards spotted him and inserted raven venom on him. Although he managed to drink the anti-venom, it could not completely transform him back to his original form and it could only stop the raven venom at where it was. As a result, he was so embarrassed that he didn't go out for a few days. Years later, he joined the eagle tribe and participated in many battles.One night,he wanted to know how it would taste like if he mixed chi and pizza together and made chizza, which is just chi pizza. Although the eagle tribe was rather angry with him using their chi, they still liked the tasted of the chizza.

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