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Friday, May 17, 2013

Lego Hero Factory Breakout MOC: Bulk XL

Here's my Hero Factory Breakout MOC, Bulk XL! Here are 2 pictures of him.


As you can see, Bulk is way more bulkier than his original Breakout form. He has a mace which has a metal sphere shooter integrated into it. It can easily knock down a villain in one hit and can shoot a metal sphere on a villain. He also has a metal bullet machine gun which can shoot as fast as lightning and it can also freeze up joints of villains when it's in liquid form. You can also spin the machine gun like a real one which is literally just for play-ability. Here's a video demonstrating the function.

 By the way, if you are wondering why I put some technic parts on the feet that Stormer XL used is because the character is very heavy and without those parts, it could easily fall down and shatter into pieces.(As in all the pieces will drop out from the figure, not really 'shatter into pieces' like all the pieces broke. :P)
Written by Lynn

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