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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

10 000+ page view post-part 3

Here's the second last part of my 10 000+ page views post! Like I said in part 1, I'll do an update on the chima battleground MOC that I've made. Here's a picture of it.

Not much has changed, except for the fact that the snake tribe's things are gone and that it has been replaced by Eglor's Twin Bike and Razcal getting away with one of the Twin Bike's chi.  Also, Eglor is no longer Eglor. I have changed his armour and I named him Evar. By the way, I also placed Liondas and his scout car in place of Leonidas getting chased by Crawley's claw ripper. Also, in my first soft toys talking exclusive, you see a new minifigure called Liondas and I'll post posts about them so that you can see their background! By the way, the minifigure driving the Raven Assault truck is not any of the raven characters LEGO made(And it never was when I first showed it). He is called Ravar(Pronounced as Ray-var). I'll also post up his post soon! That's it for now and see you in part 4!
Written by Lynn

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