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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Soft toys story: Love and like shatters

Here's a soft toys story called Love and Like shatters! Here's the plot.
In Lego Universe, 2 of the minifigures were enemies of each other. However, one of them wanted to beat his opponent and made a potion called 'Hating potion' at his lab. Whenever someone drops it, it will shatter the love or like between the people near it, or make 2 people who hate each other hate even more and make them fight more violently. But, it was confiscated and thrown very far from that place. It landed on Soft toy land and the first soft toys to get this corrupting potion was the penguin sisters...
Chapter 1: Heart broken
Soft toy land region: 9 June 10.50 a.m
"Elder sister penguin, what can we do today?"Younger sister penguin asked excitedly since it was the June Holidays.
"I think we can invite our friends over again!"Elder sister penguin replied in delight. She immediately took her phone out and called all of her friends. Before the soft toys arrived, a bottle suddenly dropped onto the roof of the penguin sisters building. Then, the penguins started fighting with each other, each time giving all sorts of reasons to say why are they fighting. When Elder sister penguin's friends were there, they were shocked to see them fight.
"Stop fighting, Penguins! You shouldn't be fighting over small matters!" Harmony Bear shouted angrily.
"Stop fighting? Don't you know the pleasure of fighting? It's so good that I want to always fight something forever!"Elder sister penguin said, not in control of her mind. When Harmony Bear heard that, she was terribly heart broken. She couldn't believe what she has heard. That incident keeps flashing in her mind. There was no way she could put it down and keeps asking herself whether is she hearing things. However, it was always a big no, and she was so heart broken that she cried. Duckie comforted her, "Harmony Bear, don't cry. She probably said that in fit of anger."
Harmony Bear replied, still filled with tear, "B...b....but it can't be! Why would she say something as bad as that?"
"Because..."Smarty sighed. "she's not in control of herself."
Everybody except the two penguin sisters and Smarty replied, "Pardon me?"
Smarty told the soft toys, "I'll explain things later. But first, we have to stop these penguins or this house will turn upside down!"
Duckie and Harmony Bear replied, "Good idea." So, they went forward and pulled the penguins sisters away from each other. It was quite hard since both penguins were shaking and kicking hard to try and go back to fighting. Both Harmony Bear and Duckie shouted, "Somebody get us some rope to tie up these angry penguins!" Tubbie and Pineapple immediately ran as fast as lighting  to the nearest shop which sold ropes. They bought some with a few dollars and rushed back to the house at about the same speed as when they ran to the store. Tubbie and Pineapple told the soft toys, panting, "We... gotten... the... rope." Then, they fainted on the floor. Duckie and Harmony Bear grabbed the roped and tied the penguins hands and legs to two chairs which are a distance away from each other. Tubbie and Pineapple regained consciousness and stood up. Smarty whispered, "Follow me."The soft toys followed him and went to Rakoa Road, which is where Smarty lives.
All of the soft toys there except Smarty asked, "So, what you brought us here for?"
Smarty replied, "Just now, when I was walking to Elder sister penguin's house, I saw a bottle that has some black and purple liquid in it. From the sight of those colours, I knew that it was going to do something bad, and I saw the same bottle of liquid on top of the penguin's house so I was thinking that that was how the penguins got corrupted. The only questions are, where did this potion come from? Can it be cured? Who made this potion?"
All of the soft toys there except Smarty said, "Oh, I see. So are we going to do an experiment on it?"
Smarty replied, "I'm afraid not.  It's too dangerous and any of you might also get infected by that potion!"
All of the other soft toys nodded their heads in agreement.
Chapter 2: Where's the antidote?!
Smarty suddenly suggested an idea, "Why don't we search for its antidote?"All of the other soft toys nodded their heads in agreement, which is same as just saying 'Yes'. Immediately, they search high and low, but it seems that they still can't find it.
"WHERE'S THE ANTIDOTE FOR POTIONS?!" The soft toys shouted. Just then, they saw a shop which sells antidotes for potions and the potions themselves. They ran to the shop as fast as lighting and asked the store owner, "Do you have the antidote for a black and purple liquid potion?"
The store owner replied,"Black and purple liquid potion? Let me check my book which has a huge list of potions and has a description of it plus who made it, the antidote for it and where it was made on." Then, he checked it and flipped through the pages until he found it. "Ah! There it is!" He shouted in excitement. It reads:
Hating potion
The hating potion was a potion made by a minifigure in a Lego Universe lab. His original intention was to make himself stronger with that potion to make him hate his enemy even more and help him defeat him, but it was later confiscated by the police upon knowing about it and launched it far away with a catapult. It arrived to soft toy land and made 2 penguin sisters hate each other. Antidotes for it are still currently getting researched on.
Made by: A minifigure in Lego Universe
Originally from: Lego Universe
Antidote: Still currently being investigated.
When the soft toys saw that the antidote was still being investigated, they were very upset as they wanted to bring back the harmony the penguins used to have before. But now that they know it's name and why the penguins are fighting, they realised they could use a potion which is opposite of Hating potion- Love potion. They asked the store owner,"Do you sell love potions?"
The store owner replied,"Are you serious? I can guarantee you that none of the potions I sell can last forever, but Hate potion is like that, and because of that it will never wear out, which also means they will hate each other forever!"
The soft toys felt very disappointed. There was literally nothing they could do to help their beloved friends. They felt like failures. It was like they couldn't do anything at all. Duckie suddenly suggested,"Why don't we go to Makuhero city and see if the heroes can help?"
The rest of the soft toys replied to Duckie without hesitation,"Okay!"
Chapter 3: The journey to Makuhero City
Some soft toys sat on Duckie's body to let him fly to Lego Island, some just swam on the river between Lego Island. Duckie, along with the soft toys that sat on his back came to Makuhero city which is on Lego Island. Harmony Bear complained, "Oh gosh, how long do I still need to get there? I'm so tired! I wished that I sat on Duckie's back just now instead!"
Tubbie and Smarty replied,"We are lucky, because we are born swimmers!" Harmony Bear rolled her eyes when she heard that.
Meanwhile at Makuhero City, Duckie, Pineapple and Snake were waiting for the other soft toys on the trip.
"How long will Harmony Bear, Smarty and Tubbie reach here?!"Duckie said impatiently.
"According to my time calculator, from Soft toy land to Makuhero city will take at least 6 hours if they swim and walk 1 kilometer per hour."Pineapple replied.
"6 hours?! We'll have to wait till the next day!"Duckie shouted in shock.
"Why don't you ask them to take a plane? They will land here in 30 minutes!"Pineapple suggested.
"Oh bother, they'll probably be halfway there already! I'm not going to tire them out by letting them swim back and forth! Should I go and fetch Hamrony Bear? I mean, she's the only one that does not live in water, right?"Duckie asked. 
"Yeah."Pineapple replied. Duckie flew away to get Harmony Bear.
"Snake, why aren't you talking?"Pineapple asked in curiousity.
"I'm just thinking, why would there be antidotes of a hating potion at Makuhero City? It just seems weird. I mean, it wasn't originated from here, right?" Snake replied.
Pineapple said,"Hmm... that makes sense. In fact, it was originated from Lego Universe as said in the book! Hey, what's taking Duckie so long? I was thinking that he would come back in 10 minutes and it's pass 10 minutes!"
Snake replied nervously, "C...c...could they have g...g...gotten the hate potion?!"
Pineapple said,"We better check on them, otherwise there will be trouble!"After that, they ran like tigers to the sea of Lego Island to see. As Pineapple and Snake didn't know how to swim, they had to try and see what's happening instead. Fortunately, Duckie flew as fast as lightning straight into Lego Island and soon into Makuhero City. The two soft toys on that island had to rush back to Makuhero city as a result.
Snake said,"Glad that you're okay, Duckie!"
Pineapple added,"Yeah! We were worried sick when you took so long!"
Duckie replied,"It was because Harmony Bear was so heavy that I couldn't lift her up properly. Then, Tubbie gave me a pair of jet boots to fly properly!"
Snake and Pineapple said in unison,"Thank goodness you were fine!"
Snake added,"By the way, why are we checking on Makuhero City? The hate potion is originated from Lego Universe, so we should check there instead!"
Duckie replied,"Yeah you have a point there, but let's just inform Smarty and Tubbie after we are there."Since Lego Universe was just 2 parts of Lego Island away from Makuhero City, they only needed to walk there. Soon, they were there and Duckie calls Tubbie and Smarty,"Tubbie and Smarty, we have shifted from Makuhero City to Lego Universe so meet us there, okay?"
Tubbie and Smarty replied,"What?! We were searching for you in Makuhero City and you are suddenly telling us that you are at Lego Universe?!"
Duckie apologized,"Sorry, just a sudden change of plan."Then, Smarty and Tubbie walked to Lego Universe and soon they were there.
Duckie commanded,"Okay, we are here to search for the cure of hating potion, so the best place to search first would be going to the police station since they were the most recent people that held the hating potion. If the antidote is not there, we will proceed to search the lab where the hating potion is created, is that okay?"
All of the other soft toys nods their heads in agreement.
Duckie screamed,"Let's go to the police now!"
Chapter 4: Finding the antidote
The soft toys rushed towards the police station and asked the police,"Do you have the antidote for the hating potion? We need it urgently!"
The police officer replied,"Hating potion is it? Sorry, we don't have the antidote for that. We only have a potion and threw that far far away from here."
The police officer shook his head nervously,"Uh...uh..."
Duckie hit the desk of the police officer shouted,"Listen, if you throw things that are bad to us again, you'll get it from us!"Then the soft toys left. The police officer was still nervous and sweat was coming down from his head to his toe. Then, the soft toys walked to the lab where the potion was created.
"Wow, this lab sure was crushed." Harmony Bear commented. The whole scene was just a bunch of burnt down science equipment, rubble from the bricks and also burnt up cupboards and drawers. However, when they opened up the inside, it's completely the opposite. Apparently only the exterior were burnt. They quickly searched for the antidote. However, none of them were labelled so they had to look by colour. They heard from other people that usually, the antidote of a potion is opposite the colour of the original potion. Since black and purple represents bad, they guessed that the antidote would be white and blue instead. However, there was something odd: The white and blue liquid antidote is actually the antidote for love potion! The soft toys also realised that this was the only antidote that had a label so they thought that the hating potion antidote also has a label. They searched once again to find the antidote. Smarty screamed in excitement,"I found it! I found the antidote!"All of the soft toys went to where he is. Indeed it was the hating potion antidote! Then, they took it and went back to Soft toy land on an aeroplane. As it was already about 9 PM at Lego Island, they were so tired that they fell asleep in the plane.
Chapter 5: Where did those penguins go?
The following morning, the soft toys went to the penguin's house with the antidote full of hope. Little did they know that the penguins escaped in 24 hours! 
Snake asked, "Where did the penguinssssss go?"
Everybody replied him,"No idea."
Smarty suggested,"We better keep it in something safe that we are using."
"Good idea,"Duckie replied. "Doesn't your bag have a small little safe that needs a combination to unzip it?"
Smarty told Duckie,"Yep! Just put that thing in my bag!"So, Smarty told Duckie the combination for opening his zip on one of his bag's pockets. Duckie opened it and put the hating potion antidote into his bag.
"Now where do we search first?" Harmony Bear asked, eager to bring back the harmony between Elder sister penguin and Younger sister penguin.
"They shouldn't have gone far though... even though they broke out of here an hour ago..."Smarty replied.
"What is the nearest place to Softgo Drive's apartments and houses?"Duckie asked.
"It's... it's Softgo point!!!"Tubbie exclaimed.
Harmony Bear said,"Yikes! Let's search there now!"Then, the soft toys ran towards Softgo point to see if the penguins are there. Indeed they were there, but there as a huge crowd around them. The soft toys were determined to bring their friends back to the harmony they had, so they tried to squeeze into the crowd and pulled the penguins away from each other again. Like the previous time, Tubbie and Pineapple gave rope to Duckie and Harmony Bear tied the penguins' limbs up. Then, they brought them back to the penguins' house to feed them the antidote.
Chapter 6: What is wrong with the antidote?!
"Okay, penguins, drink this and get back into harmony!" Harmony Bear yelled. She was trying her best to force the penguins to drink it , but apparently, it didn't work.
"WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS ANTIDOTE???!!!" Harmony Bear screamed.
"Uh, we probably need to take the hating potion away from the roof first,"Smarty added. "But of course, we need to wear gloves, otherwise we may get affected by it too."
"Oh yeah!"Duckie agreed. "I think I have some pairs in my bag."Then, Duckie takes the pair of gloves and puts them on. "I will take it because there will be a lower chance of me slipping down from the roof since I can fly."The soft toys agreed to Duckie's plan. After that, Duckie took the bottle with the potion and threw it far away. It was back on Lego Island once again. Duckie flew back into the house and said,"We need to clean up some liquid that leaked out of the bottle on the roof! Take the pairs of gloves I have everyone!"Then, the soft toys followed his commands and each took a pair of gloves.
"Let's go up there and clean the mess!"Duckie exclaimed. He flew as fast as lightning and took a cloth to the roof to clean it. He was so fast that before the rest of the soft toys could catch up, he was done.
"Never mind soft toys, I think I've cleaned it up already. Harmony Bear, feed those penguins the antidote!"Duckie commanded.
"Yes sir!"Harmony Bear replied. Then, the determined Harmony Bear forced the penguins to drink the antidote, and they cooled down. 
"W...what happened?Why am I filled with so much bruises?"Elder sister penguin asked, clueless of what she had done under the influence of the potion.
"Elder sister!"Younger sister penguin exclaimed. She ran towards Elder sister penguin and hugged her.
"Your harmony is back!" Harmony shouted happily.
"Pardon me?"Both penguins replied.
"You were infected by the hating potion just now so as result, you were fighting each other but now, you have the antidote and you are normal!"Smarty explained.
"Oh... I see..."Both penguins replied.
"Let's have breakfast together!"Elder sister penguin shouted. Everybody ate very quickly as they starved for a day. However, everybody was happy that harmony was restored in Soft toy land. 
That's it for now and I hope you like this story!
Written by Lynn

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