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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lego hero factory MOC: Johnathan Exlpode

Here's my Lego hero factory MOC, Johnathan Explode! Here's a picture of him.

Here's his profile.
Name: Johnathan Explode
Form: Custom
Weapons: Spear missiles shooter
Colours: Orange and bright green
Personality: Johanathan Explode is an outgoing hero and also very brave. He has a tendency to worry his partner, David Firebomb because of his braveness.
Affiliation: Hero Factory
Team: -
Status: Alive, active
Background: Johnathan Explode was a hero built in Hero Factory as part of the few war zone heroes during breakout. He was best friends with David Firebomb and they would always go together on missions. Johnathan once blocked a huge attack for David Firebomb which would have splattered his hero core, but he eventually recovered, and Merrick caught this thing of him that he asked him to join Hero Recon Team. However, Johnathan rejected him and continued to only serve Hero Factory. After doing another war zone mission, he was upgraded to custom form and got a spear missile shooter.
Written by Lynn

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