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Friday, September 13, 2013

Lego hero factory brain attack review: Evo

Here's a Lego hero factory brain attack review of Evo! If you remember, before Brain Attack Wave 2 was released, I made a version of him based on the leaked photos. Now, I have bought the official version of him! I bought him at Metro yesterday. Here's a picture of it.

Yeah, I made the pose like how I made him pose in my attempt to replicate the leaked photos.
Figure: He looks fine, but I don't like his short lower arms. (9/10)
Colour Scheme: Hmm... I wonder why Evo had another colour scheme change... Anyway, why is that spike on the weapon orange and the head green? (8/10)
Pieces: A couple of new pieces in this set! They are:
1. Yellow spike
2. Yellow erm... what should I say? Robot fingers/claws? (The ones on his chestplate.)
3. Transparent blue visor
4. New brain attack Evo helmet(Duh!)
5. 3 long yellow armour piece(Yeah, I know they were released in the 2.0 series, but I never got the Evo 2.0 set, that's why I don't have them) (10/10)
Total: 27/30
That's it for now!
Written by Lynn


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