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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Microsoft paint + pictures from the internet drawing: Flaming Rock Dragon(adult) with 5 gems

Just a funny little picture I made after getting inspired by this picture from the Dragon City app page where there's this baby Terra Dragon having lots of food on its plate and the baby Terra dragon's mouth be something like this: :P. And then, I made this picture. And here's a small tip if you are at a low level: try to use a dragon that has earth as its primary element for combat, since low level people don't have dragons like Metal or War dragon to have a double/critical hit effect on the dragon and AVOID USING DRAGONS WITH FLAME OR SEA AS PRIMARY ELEMENT AS YOUR COMBATANTS. They won't survive long on the field, especially the one with flame as primary element. Your opponent's dragons can easily hit you out in 1 go with just a sea element hit and for sea your opponent's dragon can also easily hit you out in one go with just a flame element hit. Also, those who are around level 13 in Dragon City should also remember NOT to bring out dragons with electric as primary element for combat. Like fire, your opponent's dragon can easily wipe you out in one sea element hit. That's it for now and I hoped you like the drawing and my little tip!

Written by Lynn

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