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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My favourite Youtube MOCists

My most recent picture of my Hero Factory self MOC, Shaun Burst

My tow truck MOC from Lego City garage MOC

So well you know that I make Hero Factory MOCs and Lego MOCs right? But let's just say, I do like some other people's MOCs I'm not the kind of person that is like "Oh my MOCs are the best others are rubbish!" and so I do have particular channel's MOCs that I like. However I do have high expectations for MOCs in general, including myself and others.  Here is a list of Youtube channels of some of the MOCists(MOC makers) that I like.
Hero Factory MOCists:
I like the 3 following channels' MOCs because they are very open-minded when it comes to the parts used for their MOCs.
1. Legojang/JANGBRiCKS(I mentioned him a couple of times in my blog posts and he kind of hasn't been making a lot of HF MOCs lately)
2. hfcustoms/jrc4450
3. theBolderBoulder
These 10 channels are just some of their MOCs which I think is just plain good. 
1. Blazingturtle31
2. Lazerstarfish
3. bioniclez1z
4. MrUploaddude/The Dude Productions
5. Eli J. Brown/Eli J. Brony/SonicJrandSarah
6.  TheOneEyeDroid(whose account for some reason got deleted but I liked his HF MOCs)
7. GreshLord  
8. legomansam123
9. legojellybeans/Ben James
10. MikeisLegoMan
11. HeroFactoryPhil
Now to my favourite youtube normal Lego MOCists!
1. jaystepher
2. LEGOparadise
3. WhacoLab
4. brickboys518
5. CreativeMOCs
6. WorldLego(he hardly does MOCs but his more recent MOCs such as the Lego Castle is good) Anyway that's it for now and I hope you like their MOCs as much as I do!

Written by Lynn

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