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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lego flying car MOC

This is my Lego flying car MOC.  This was made  when I suddenly thought of flying cars.  It is the second favourite MOC that I have made. My  favourite MOC is the flatbed truck.  The colours I used are yellow, blue, black and grey.  The jet engines on the flying car enable it to move faster and also to fly in the sky like an aeroplane.  The wheels of the car can be folded up using the Lego hinges when the car is in the sky.  I do not have a molded tail of an aeroplane that could fit on the vehicle, so I have to build that from scratch.  I just use a 2x2 sloped black Lego brick and a 2x3 black Lego brick to make the tail and it's done!

Written by Lynn