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Monday, March 4, 2013

Lego Hero Factory Brain attack wave 2 MOC: Stormer

Here's a Hero Factory MOC of Stormer! Here's a picture of him.

He is going to be released for wave 2 of brain attack series along with Evo, Surge and Jet Rocka. Here's the video showing me flicking the flick fire missiles:

(Update on 21 April: The flick fire missiles were supposed to have those pieces which represents chi in the Legends of Chima theme.)
(Update on 16 May: This was not made to be super accurate to the actual set. I just made it for fun and I have to admit there are a few mistakes made on this MOC.)
(Update on 13 Sept: Apparently the actual release has the missiles as the same thing as what I used here... Weird... :S)

Written by Lynn

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