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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Remico Double Grill Frying Pan

I have seen the Happy Call double pan countless times on TV and in stores like Isetan and NTUC. I was very tempted to buy it especially since the price had been reduced. However, each time I tried to lift the Happy Call pan, the weight of it puts me off.  So I didn't want to buy a pan that may turn out to be a white elephant for me. I also find the Happy Call pan a bit too big for me. (I am ok with frying with a wok so a double pan would probably only be used for frying omelettes, pancakes and fish.)  I have also seen other brands of double pan but they were also a bit too heavy (may not be easy to turn especially when the pan is hot).

Yesterday, we happened to go to Giant Hypermart for groceries shopping and saw this Remico Double Grill Frying Pan selling at $24.99. The offer was only from 20 to 23 December. Upon lifting the pan, I found that it was so much lighter than the other double pans that I had tried before and was smaller than the Happy Call double pan. So we bought it.

I tested the Remico double grill pan today. The omelette turned out well. The pan had a non stick surface which was easy to clean. We also did a water test to see if the seal worked as well as the Happy Call pan and was glad that water did not drip out from the sides when the pan was turned.

We were satisfied with the purchase. Next time, we would try to fry pancakes and see if the pancakes turn out better than frying with a normal non-stick frying pan.

Written by Anne

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  1. I have a Happy Call at home. My mother-in-law bought us one abt a year ago when her friend could get it at a cheaper rate. The price was above $100 then but she could get it at about $60+. Have used it a few times to fry carrot cakes. Like it for pan frying stuff. As mine is the older version the surfaces are not the flat type. Mine is good for grilling but not for frying eggs or stir frying. The newer version with flat surfaces is better.

  2. I saw this Remico double pan at Giant earlier, selling at only $19.00. However, I do not know why the stock disappear so fast in 2 days. Then yesterday, I saw it selling at Giant at $24.99. Bought it for my mum for Christmas present. She already have HappyCall and also complain about the weight too.

  3. Thank you for your nice review. I say Happy Call at local store but decided not to buy because it was way too expensive. I founnd Remico at Lazada at only RM100 which is much cheaper. Based on your review, I definitely get this one. Thanks.

  4. Glad you found the review useful :).


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