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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Visit to the Science Centre Singapore

It's been donkey years since I last visited the Science Centre Singapore .  The one and only time that I have visited the Science Centre Singapore was when I was in primary school.  The trip was organized by the school.

So, this school holiday, we decided to bring the kids there since Lynn had grown to like Science a lot and had a lot of questions.

We started late so by the time we bought the tickets to go in, it was already about 4 pm.  We rented a buggy for Sera.

Sera and Lynn 
Sera enjoyed sitting in the buggy.  However, most of the time, she was the one pushing the buggy around (with nothing on the buggy).

With only 2 hours to go about the Science Centre, we went to the sound exhibition hall first.  Both Lynn and Sera enjoyed playing around with the sound equipments.

Another hall we went to that was of interest to Lynn was the Robotics hall.  As a Lego fan, Lynn was extremely excited when she saw the Lego Mindstorms rock star and Lego vehicles there.

Lynn posing with Lego Mindstorms rock star

Lego Robots
 In the meantime, Sera was having fun posing here.

Sera as Astroboy  

We left the Science Centre exactly at 6 pm, which was the closing time.