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Monday, December 10, 2012

Lego City 1 (MOC) Part 1

Here's my second MOC destruction post.  In my first MOC destruction post, I forgot to mention what MOC destruction post meant. These kind of posts means that as I go along, I'll disassemble the item. So here I am with Lego city 1! Anyway, I took this apart on 12 November 2012 as shown on the picture . 

I have made a Lego city 2! This one is rather crammed and has no space for vehicles. The newer version has fewer houses and buildings so there's a lot more space for vehicles. In this photo, I have tried my best to capture all the details for you to see. Unfortunately, the picture can't show you everything in the city because it was too crowded as I mention before. 
Here's the picture of the city:

Here's another picture of the city:

close up at the food truck, the electricity centre and the coffee cart.

Close up of Blue Building

Close up of Dino Company TV Station

TV station worker

Racing team.
Below is a picture of all the minifigures part of the racing team. There are some shell minifigures here. They are not counted as part of the racing team. Those that are wearing helmets are drivers. Those that are not wearing helmets are mechanics.

First team of the racing team

The picture below is a ferrari racing car driven by the minifigure wearing a white shirt with red and blue stripes.

Chasis of the ferrari racing car

Shark's fin car driven by the blue minifigure with a white helmet

Shark's fin racing car fuel cells storing unit

Racing car fuel cell

Here's a picture of the car driven by the blue minifigure with a red helmet:
The 3 wheeler, well, that's what the driver calls it. 

Speedy racer's car: crazy speedster

Nitro of the Crazy Speedster

Speedy racer (Oops, snapped my computer in the picture. :p)

Dino company Dino restaurant

Sculptures in restaurant (made from dino bones)

Sculptures in restaurant (made from dino bones)

Top view of the restaurant (With everything inside disassembled)

Lego buns on a 2x4 plate

Pizza delivery man minifigure

Cash counter and the sliding door

Sliding door: Closed

Sliding door: Opened

Chef minifigure
To be continued...

 Written by Lynn

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