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Monday, December 10, 2012

Lego City 1(MOC) Part 3

Here we are moving on to part 3 which has my table all crammed and let's get started! But before we go on, have you seen part 1 or 2? If not, please click either of these links:
Lego City 1(MOC) Part 1
Lego City 1(MOC) Part 2
Here's the picture of the exterior for the food truck:

Here's 2 pictures of the interior of the food truck:
Picture of the truck's kitchen

Picture of the driver's seat.
Here's the picture of the 2 minifigures in the vehicle:

Now, to the coffee cart! Here's the picture of it's regular looks:

Here's the picture of the minifigure:
The Lego bricks are a bit dirty, aren't they?
A picture of the coffee machine:
And now, for the picture of the drain!(Outside Sam's house which appeared in part 2.)
The end.

Written by Lynn

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