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Friday, January 18, 2013

Lego Hero Factory Brain Attack MOC: Stringer

This is my Hero Factory Brain attack MOC, Stringer! Here's a picture of him.


Now, as of the time of this post I haven't bought any of the brain attack sets, so I don't have the newer chest plates and don't blame me for that because in my country, they aren't released yet. Please excuse me for that and now, I'll get to the MOC itself.
So basically, Stringer will not be released in the brain attack series.Because of that, I made a version of him that takes inspiration from all of his previous forms. Obviously, the colours scheme is inspired by breakout form and the weapon is inspired from his 3.0 and 1.0 form.(Now you'll ask me a question like this: Why 3.0 and 1.0? Can't it be other forms? The thing is, 3.0, Stringer actually had a meelee weapon which is the bear claw, and his 1.0 from had a sonicboom cannon which is also somehow integrated into the weapon he is holding here)
The weapon is a sound staff. This staff is made with the most high tech equipment that Hero Factory has. There are sound tubes and generators on the weapon and they are protected by the shield. This weapon can be used to hypnotize somebody if it is used correctly and shoot all kinds of sound blasts at opponents. It also has spikes to use for meelee attacks. For a stronger shot of sound blasts and better blow with the spikes, he can hold it with two hands. The blue lightsaber between the spikes is where it transfers the sound that it'll be shooting out. This also controls whether should the weapon be in meelee mode or ranged mode to hold the blast. That's it for now and I hoped you like this MOC!

Written by Lynn

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