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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Lego hero factory MOC: Slacer

Here's my hero factory MOC,Slacer! Here's a picture of it.
Slacer(Pronounced as Sla-ser)
Background: These animal species are living on an extremely cold planet called Iracel.(Pronounced as I-Ra-Cle)  This planet's temprature is -30 degrees Celsius and it's so cold that hardly any animals lived there. A lot of the time, if a villain, a hero or anybody who goes there without warming clothes will get frozen in the planet, never to be seen again. This species are made by freezing creatures or heroes that come from other planets and then mutate them.First, the ice will turn from transparent to white. After a week, it will change the hands(for heroes only, of course) and feet into the small little claws. In about 2 weeks, it's front claw feet will grow first, then the claw feet behind. In a month's time, the hind legs will turn from the hinging in one direction only bones to the very flexible bones. The body widens(If it has the shorter length torso, that is counted) and the arms will start to shorten and fall off. The front legs starts to grow in the extra ball joints, and then the front legs will grow out to the front. In 3 weeks, the victim will grow out the dark pure grey wide armour on the ball joints which have the arms that shorten and fell off. White armour will start appearing in this stage. After 2 months, the whole thing should have been armoured with white armour already, it will grow a tail which will grow out within a day. A piece of armour from the original victim will be on the tail. Then, the head changes into the head of Slacer in 2 days. The tail's tip will grow a sharp thing which can be used for "cutting", defending and a lot of other offensive stuff. The head will grow red eyes and then it's finished! These creatures can also reproduce provided if any creatures of heroes which are female get frozen there.
Not much of a brain attack MOC, though. Because this creature isn't controlled by the corrupted brain creatures. The reason is
1. It would be too cold for the brain creatures to stay on. They would have been frozen and turned into one of these.
2. Even if the brain creatures made it through, they would be hit away with Slacer's sharp and long tail.
Curious of how the body looks like? Here's the picture!

That's it for now and I hoped you like this MOC!

Written by Lynn

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