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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lego sports car MOC

Here's my Lego sports car MOC! Here's a picture of it.

This uses some of the techniques that I teach in the "MOC on with Lego!" posts. Links will be at the end of the post. I made this because I had tons of white bricks until I can't even close the drawer where I store my bricks properly. So, I decided to make a vehicle.
I originally wanted to make a bus with the windshield piece from set 60002 but I don't have enough parts to make it and that's why I made this car. The vehicle is 20 studs long and 6 studs wide. It has an aeroplane tail piece as it's spoiler and silver studs for replacing the headlights in transparent. Why did I did that? Because
1.(Real life reason) I don't have anymore transparent studs. I need to buy more of them,
2.(Story purpose) It makes the lights look like they are so bright that they look like silver rather then transparent.
That's it for now and I hoped you like this MOC!
Written by Lynn
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