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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lego Hero Factory bounty hunter MOC: Silver sword

Here's a Hero Factory bounty hunter MOC, Silver Sword! Here's a picture of it.
Here's his profile.
Name: (Unknown) Known as Silver Sword, but also rumoured that this is just a nickname.
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
"Pay me more money if you want me to do your job!" Silver Sword shouted to one of the citizens of Makuhero City.
"You think this is what I'm looking for, Hero Factory? I want money, I want precious items, not just some silly old wheels, tires and bones!" Silver Sword said to Mr Makuro angrily.
Personality: Works for the highest price giver, intelligent, strong and quick-minded.
Weapon: A laser gun with armouring on it as well as blades for meelee fighting and mining.
Status: Deceased
Background: The bounty hunter known as Silver Sword has been a strong fighter and miner for many years and has been hired by a lot of people. However, he has very strict requirements like people has to give him good items to hire him, only works for the highest bidder etc. He was also one of the bounty hunters who disturbed the Ice Wolves' habitat, which is why now Ice Wolves eat human robots. These days, no one would ever want to go the coldest sector of Makuhero City because they were afraid of getting eaten, but not for Silver Sword. Silver sword went in there to try and make their species extinct but it did not work. He was attacked by a pack of Ice Wolves and was broken into pieces. Then, he was eaten.
That's it for now and I hoped you like this MOC!
Written by Lynn

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