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Monday, February 18, 2013

Lego Hero Factory Brain attack review: Bruizer

Here's a set review of Bruizer! I bought this at Metro yesterday.Here's a picture of it.

Figure: The figure is okay, just that it's quite weird that they gave the character 1 huge fist instead of 2, he has hero feet and the whole right arm is a technic lift arm. I think this year, Lego aims to give at least a function for all of their sets but really to me, it's better to have a normal arm. Here's a video showing the function that Lego put on the figure.

I made a revamp to make up for all those problems.

Colour scheme: Well... Nearly the same comment as Bulk. The head is off colour scheme. Then again, it's not like Lego has made a translucent reddish-orange head for us MOC makers. Other than that, there's nothing much really.
Pieces: Super awesome! I mean look at the variety!!! You have the orange spikes, red small horns(I wished they were transparent red instead, though.), the rock add on pieces, the grey paw, the translucent(Just a bit) orangy-red brain attack creature and his face is just awesome! Imagine how many MOCs I could do with those pieces!!!
Figure: 6 and a half/10
Colour Scheme: 8/10
Pieces: 9 and a half/10
Total: 24/30(Recommended.)
If you want to know how much the points represent, here's the list.
28-30: Highly recomended
20-27: Recommended
15-19(Low chance of coming here): Okay only.
0-14(Extremely low chance of coming here): Not good, not bad.
In my opinion, I think most of my set reviews will fall onto the second section(Recommended) because I'll only buy the ones worth my money. That's it for now!
Written by Lynn
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