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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lego hero factory brain attack set review: Bulk

Here's a review of Bulk! I bought him at Metro yesterday and here's a picture of it.

This set has a lot of cool pieces like Bulk's new helmet and the visor, the shield, the translucent orangish-red and the silver armour on Bulks's right arm. Two things that I dislike the most is
1. The head is translucent green. I dislike it because it goes out of the colour scheme.
2. No armour on the back. It's just left blank unless you put the shield.
My overall rating:
Figure: 8/10
Colour scheme: 8/10
Pieces: 10/10
Total: 26/30
My total score is 26, so it's just recommended. That's it for now!
Written by Lynn

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