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Friday, February 1, 2013

Lego mecha MOC: B66049 AKA Blue Flamethrower

Here's my Mecha MOC which is called B66049 and it's codename is Blue Flamethrower! Here are 2 pictures of it.

 B66049 (Flamethrower on both hands)
B66049 (Flamethrower on right hand, machine gun on left hand)

Here's its profile.

Name: B66049 AKA Blue Flamethrower
Weapons: Modifiable flamethrowers and machine guns
Pilot's name: Ron Ark
Pilot's gender: male
Mecha's side (Good, neutral or bad): Good
Fighting style (Meelee,hybrid or long-ranged): Long-ranged
Tools: -


B66049 was made in a very discreet mech-making factory which was in the North-west of Mechracity. This mech was made with the most best armour and weapons. The weapons being able to easily detach makes it be able to change its weapons in the midst of battle. This mecha also has discreet fuel tanks which are stored in the arms, legs and the body itself, which is why it has to have so much armour to protect it. The pilot is under a cockpit which nobody will really see it. It's at the 'stomach' of the mech. Since it has a lot of armour, it really can't run very fast as it is too heavy to run. There are other lightweight mechs from the mech-making factory, but this was one of the ones which a citizen of Mechracity managed to take a picture of when it was walking around. It fights for the good side and fights the bad mechas. Laser Striker AKA L90012 is its fighting partner. When these two mechs are together, they make an indestructible pair.

Here are a few pictures showing the mech.
Cockpit opened

Front view

left side view

Back view

Right side view
That's it for now and I hope you like this MOC!

Written by Lynn

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