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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lego ninjago story: The lost ninja

Here's my Lego ninjago story called the lost ninja! Here's the plot. 
Luke Flames, now known as Sam Darkness, used to train under his dad for many years. Sam Darkness went to the Temple of light and read all the prophecies and discovered his past... 
Chapter 1: Flashbacks of his father's death
"Father! Hang in there! Brother will come very soon!" Luke Flames said worriedly.
His father replied," I really can't hang in there anymore... I feel like I'm being poisoned by something until my body cannot take it."
"You will dad! Hang on!" Luke Flames answered.
"Sorry son, but I really cannot hang on. Here." He passes a shiny golden dagger and a golden axe to Luke Flames. "I trust you and your brother to take care of these two sacred weapons and use them for the good. I also want you to find who poisoned me. Please pass this message to your brother. The dagger is for you and the axe is for your brother..." Then, he passed out.
"Nooooo!!! Dad!!! Noooooo!!!!!" He puts his finger under his father's nose. He feels no air from there. He knows that if it's like that, he's considered dead. Whenever Luke Flames thinks about getting a new sensei, he always flashback to the death of his father. Will he ever forget it or he won't?
Chapter 2: Finding his new sensei
Luke Flames sighed on his bed.(When he had the flashbacks, it was nighttime and he was still thinking where could he get a new sensei.) He switched of the lamp and slept soundly to be able to find a new sensei the next morning. When he was about to wake up, he had a dream.
[Dream]Rick Stone(His brother) and Luke Flames get outnumbered by a whole group of skeletons. Unarmed, they do not know what to do.
"Luke, do you have any idea how to fight these skeletons?" Rick Stone asked.
"I don't know! If only the elemental weapons are here!" Luke Flames replied. They kept stepping backwards, until a weird motorbike comes out of nowhere and knocks all skeletons. The figure was cloaked and both of them could hardly see their face.
[Real life] Luke Flames wake up. He thought about his dream, What could have happened? Will my father be revived? Is the cloaked figure a bad guy? Who in the world is he? Could he be the one who poisoned my father? Urgh, never mind, this is definitely giving me creeps. I better stop thinking about this. He jumped out of bed and headed towards the dining room. There was his younger brother, Rick Stone. 
"What brings you to wake up so early in the morning to make breakfast, brother?" Luke Flames asked grouchily.
"I bet you still remember we need to find our new sensei, right?" Rick Stone replied. Luke Flames started to flashback about his father's death again. He thought, Argh, stop flashing back to this the moment somebody says the word 'sensei', Luke! Wake up! You still have a bright future later on!
Luke Flames quickly told him,"Uh, I forgot. So sorry about that." He sat down and started eating his favourite bacon sandwich with lettuce. 
"Mmmm, tasty." Luke Flames mumbled while munching his sandwich.
"Glad you like it!" Rick Stone said pleasantly. After about an hour, they ate finish their breakfast and it was about eleven a.m.
"We better get going, Stone. We don't want to be late for the briefing of finding the perfect sensei!" Luke Flames reminded Rick Stone.
"Sorry, I'm not that fast considering that I trained in Earth and ice! Not lightning and fire!" Rick Stoned replied angrily.
"Enough talking! Continue packing!" Luke Flames demanded. He looked at his watch. It reads eleven-O-five a.m. He thought, Oh no! We're going to be late if we don't arrive there by eleven-twenty a.m.! What am I going to do?! Rick Stone interrupted his thoughts by waving his hangs in front on his eyes. Luke shook his head.
"Were you daydreaming just now?" Rick Stone asked.
"Uh, sort off. Sorry." Luke Flames said embarrassingly. He took his bag with all the stuff he needs. Blankets, pajamas, weapons, cell phones, you name it! They left and locked the door tightly. It took about 15 minutes to walk to their destination. When they were there, the briefing immediately began. The speaker was in a black ninja uniform, but with a hint of green. They sat there and listened to what he said.
"Welcome all ninjas! Today, here's a session where you can get a new sensei because you don't have one! In this meeting, all the best senseis are selected and ready for you to pick them. Remember, you're going to be with them for life until something happens to them. Here's a short briefing on all the 10 senseis choosen." The speaker stopped for awhile to drink some water from his bottle. "Here's the first sensei. His name is Sensei Water. Please give him some claps!" Everybody clapped as a ninja in a light blue suit stood in front of everybody. 
The ninja said,"Hi all, my name is Lucas Water and I specify best in water as you can tell from my suit and my name. My dojo is called 'The water strikers'. We are a group of fighters who specify in water and are best when it comes to fighting fire, magma and lava enemies. We are most weak in fighting lightning enemies and metal enemies. Please join us and help us rise to the top 3 ninja clans!" Everybody clapped loudly except for Luke Flames and Rick Stone. They turned to each other, shooting a look saying This HQ doesn't suit us. Fail. The speaker of the briefing came up again.
He announced,"Now, we have the ninja sensei of all elements, sensei light!" Everybody clapped again. A ninja in a gold suit stood in front of everybody.
He said,"Thank you all. My name is Ryu Light and I'm a ninja of all elements and light. Light is an element hardly anybody teach and it's the most powerful element among all the other light-classed elements. My dojo is called 'The trainer of light'. We are the best force of defending Ninjago and hardly any enemies survive after being attacked by us. We are now the number 1 ninja clan, so please join us!" Everybody clapped loudly as well as Luke and his brother. They knew this HQ suit them best, and they'll definitely join this when the selection part comes. All the senseis spoked, even Sensei Wu.
The speaker told everybody,"Okay, all ninja rookies, please select your sensei!"A lot of people rushed towards Sensei Wu, Sensei Nature and Sensei Light. Not many people selected the rest. Luke and Rick selected Sensei light as their new sensei."And now, all of you are to stay with your sensei forever!"The session then ended. The senseis took all their new members to their HQs for training. While walking towards The Trainer Of Light, Luke Flames looked at his watch.He thought, one-thirty p.m., great, no wonder my stomach was grumbling while we're going to select our Senseis. Let's hope that he lets us have our lunch, I'm dead hungry! However, instead of taking everyone to their HQ, Light took them to a restaurant called 'Ninjisushi'. The restaurant was a famous five star restaurant which sold a lot of mouth-watering Japanese food in Ninjago. Well, literally.
"Take your pick, guys and girls!" Sensei Light said excitedly. A lot of people chose the signature dish, 'Sushitsunami' as it looked extremely tasty. However, a few people chose other basic dishes, like Sashimi. Luke and Rick make a discussion and chose the signature dish as their choice. In a minute, the food was prepared. When the waiter of Ninjisushi put the food on Luke and Rick's table, Luke thought, Wow, I've never seen a restaurant which was that fast. Rick called Luke as he seemed like he was dreaming.
"You daydreamed again, elder brother. Is there something wrong with you?" Stone asked curiously.
"Um, no. Did I made you worried?" Flames replied.
"Never mind. Let's tuck in." Stone told Flames.
Both of them started eating. By the time they ate finished, it was about two-thirty p.m. Light took his new members back to his dojo, but also called his veterans to go back to the base as lunch was over. Then, everybody started training.
Chapter 3: Tough training
"Ugh, so, tiring." An orange ninja slammed onto the floor due to being tired of the push ups. In nearly two to three hours, all the new ninjas slammed onto the floor except for Rick Stone.
"Wow, how did you do it so well, Stone?" Luke Flames asked Rick Stone, still lying on the ground.
"Remember that I'm a ninja of earth, okay?" Rick replied.
"Yeah yeah whatever." Luke Flames said ignorantly.
Then, Sensei/Ryu Light interrupted their conversation, "Okay, everybody, go to your rooms and have a break for you muscles!" Luke thought, Okay, so that training was for muscles all along! Why didn't he tell us earlier?! Luke Flames lied down on his bed because of being tired of the training, he slept a very long nap.
Chapter 4: Skipping dinner time
"Hello, wake up Luke! Wake up!" A familiar voice to Luke called. Luke replied in a grouchy voice,"Give me five minutes." Luke then went back to sleep. The person who was trying to wake him up was Rick Stone, but no matter what he did, he still refused to wake up and still wants to sleep.
"Okay, if you're not going to wake up you won't be able to have dinner!" Rick Stone said angrily.
"Come on, can't you just spare me a minute now? I'm very sleepy." Luke said grouchily.
"Fine, but don't complain later during training!" Rick stone replied.
Luke Flames slept soundly in his bed immediately after Rick said those words. Light lead them to another high class restaurant for dinner and everybody's words were 'Wow!','Delicious!' or 'superb cooking!'. Rick felt a bit left out since his brother wasn't here but he thought, Oh well, I still have to carry on. He then took a bite on his food and the first word that came out from his mouth was, "Awesome food!!!" Everybody stared at him as if he was a famous person. 
"Uh, why are you looking at me?" He asked. Everybody turned back to their food and continued eating. "Oh well, I guessed it was nothing," He mumbled. He continued munching his food until it was eight p.m. Light took them back to their dojo and Luke finally woke up.
"Wow what a nice..." Luke Flames looked at his watch and it reads eight p.m and he screamed,"AHHHHHH!!!!! I missed dinner!!! Noooooo!!!!"
"Well, I did warn you, brother but you refuse to listen to me," Rick stone told Luke Flames. Luke Flames couldn't say a single thing as he was shocked to hear that. He called Luke's name to get him up from daydreaming.
"Brother, this is the third time you are daydreaming! Is there something wrong with you?" Stone asked.
"No, how many times do I have to say that?" Luke replied.
"See you later, you better think of something you can do to eat your dinner." Stone told Flames.
Chapter 4: Training for sub-elements.
After training in the main elements in the past, they started training in certain sub-elements, but each element has a different timetable for sleeping hours, training, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Rick chose metal while Luke chose Lava, which resulted them to go 2 ways and will only see each other during Thursday training. Once in their training session, the emergency alarm went off.
"What happened master?" Rick asked worriedly.
"Looks like we have some business to do! Let's go to the meeting room!" Light announced to everybody. Everybody walked to the meeting room and listened to what he had to say.
"Alright everyone, a whole bunch of skeletons are kidnapping everyone on the Ninjago mountains! We have to hurry and take them out!" Light demanded.
"Yes sensei!" All the ninjas answered. They took their weapons with them and left for the battle.
Chapter 5: Is that a dream?
As soon as they got there, the fight immediately began. A lot of the ninjas were killed or punched until unconscious because the skeletons were too strong. Ryu Light was nearly going to die and Luke tried to save him. However, he ended up accidentally putting Lava onto his body which made him die. Luke and Rick were hopelessly outnumbered and stepped back till the dead end.
"Luke, do you have any idea how to fight these skeletons?" Rick Stone asked.
"Why are you asking me the same question that you asked in my dream a month and a few weeks ago?" Luke Flames told Rick Stone.
"You dreamed about the future?! It can't be!" Rick Stone shouted.
"Shhhh...... Not so loud! I don't want anybody to hear us!" Luke Flanes whispered. Suddenly, a motorcycle like sound was heard.
"A motorcycle sound? What does that mean?By the way, I think you are suited to be a time ninja!" Rick Stone whispered back.
"LOOK OUT!!!" Luke jumped onto Rick Stone to prevent him from being hit by the same cloaked figure that he seen in his dream. He thought,Is this a dream? It had better be because I don't want to be a time ninja! Unfortunately, it was not a dream. Then, the cloaked figure revealed his face by taking of his mask. He was a dark ninja!
"Hello time ninjas, my name goes by Thomas Darkness, or if you want, you can call me TD. And now, I'm going to capture you to be my slave!" TD said. Luke Flames thought,If not because of my younger brother, I wouldn't have gotten into such mess.
"No! We are not time ninjas! We are the regular good old ninjas!" Rick Stone replied angrily.
"No, you aren't, and that would have been the main reason why I poisoned your father because he's a time ninja! He can travel to the future and know what will happen! I prevented this to happen so that he wouldn't know I'm going to poison him!" TD told Rick Stone. "Now, I want all types of special ninja to work for me so that I can have full power to destroy Ninjago! Mwahahahahahaha!"
Luke Flames jumped out and pointed his sword at him,"No you won't! I'll bring you to justice for poisoning my father!" He then swing his sword towards Thomas Darkness. Thomas turned his body into a ghost like form and Luke Flames ended up hitting nobody. Thomas turned himself back to solid form and told him,"If you refuse to surrender yourself to me, you'll meet the same fate as your father!"
Luke Flames dropped his sword in horror,"Wwww... What? Meet the same fate as my father? I'll surrender." He knelt down and put his hands up.
"No brother no!!! I'll replace him TD, alright?" Rick Stone asked.
"Oh how nice of you to replace him! You also know magic spells like  your mother, right?" Thomas Darkness asked.
"Hhhh... How did you know about our private information? It can't be!" Rick Stone said in horror.
"That's the main point! I'm the ninja of minds and I know who has what skills and elements, which makes me uncover your weaknesses..." After Thomas said that, he splashed some paint onto Rick Stone. Then, he fainted. He also sprayed some strawberry smell onto Luke Flames and he also fainted. He then dragged both of them to an icy cold room which is -20 degrees Celsius. They were frozen up for many years until one day, a ninja broke in to let them out...
Chapter 6: The brave ninja
The ninja was a ninja of all types of fire- fire, lava, magma and sun fire(Extremely hot fire.). He used a sharp golden shuriken and threw it at Thomas. Unfortunately, Thomas turned on his 'ghost' mode and the shuriken hit a wall. It burnt down the whole building and all was left is the icy cold room.
"So you think you can defeat me, huh, pesky ninja?" Thomas said with a grin.
"So what if I can't? I'm a ninja of all the fire!" The mysterious ninja said. Then, he drew his nunchucks, ready to fight.
"Well, I think I'm too powerful for you, even if I don't use my full power." Thomas replied. Before he could draw his weapons he was hit by the mysterious ninja. Thomas took his sword and swing it at him. The ninja swiftly dodge it and blasted magma at him.
"AHHHH!!!!!!IT'S TOO HOT FOR ME I CAN'T..." Before Thomas could finish his sentence, he was burnt down into purple bits.
"I'm done with this guy." The ninja said. Then, he walked towards the icy cold room and burnt it down easily with his magma powers.
"Urgh, what hap... Who are you?" Luke Flames asked the orange ninja.
"I have no time to talk, I still have a lot of ninja to save other than you." The mysterious ninja replied. He untied the strings tied on them and they were set free.
"Thank... where are you?" Rick Stone said. The ninja ran off without waiting for them to say thank you.
"I guess he's in a rush, Rick." Luke replied. 
Chapter 7: Burnt!
When the two brothers got back to their HQ, The trainer of light, they realized it was burnt down.
"It's burnt! Who could have been behind this?" Luke screamed in anger. "Rick, let's go in and take the stuff we have inside. Is that okay?"
"Okay." Rick replied. They took all their stuff with them and set off to find another sensei.
Written by Lynn

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