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Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Art of the Brick at ArtScience Museum

Lynn had been wanting to visit The Art of the Brick exhibition at the ArtScience Museum ever since we found out that there was this exhibition going on there. The Art of the Brick is a showcase of the works of New York-based artist Nathan Sawaya, using Lego bricks as the sole art medium.  So, on Lynn's birthday, we brought her and Sera to the  The Art of the Brick exhibition at ArtScience Museum.  The ArtScience Museum is located in Marina Bay Sands.

As this was our first time to the ArtScience Museum, we took some photos there.

We purchased 2 adults and 2 child tickets.  Singapore residents enjoy discounted ticket prices.  An audio guide is available for rental at $6.  It gives more insight into the works of the artist.

No flash photography was allowed inside the exhibition hall, so the pictures below were taken without flash.


Visitors could have a go at creating a "Raindrop" with the Lego bricks given.

Sera with "Raindrop"

Lynn with "An Artist's View"

The floor tiles, chest of drawers, painting, table behind Lynn were all made of Lego bricks.



Sera was having fun dancing to the music.


ArtScience Museum

There were many more other sculptures, but we didn't want to spoil the fun and show you everything.

Lynn enjoyed this trip very much.  What better way to celebrate her birthday than this!

If you like Lego, you will like this exhibition. This exhibition is still on till 14 April 2013. 

Happy Chinese New Year!

Written by Anne

Photos and videos by Anne & Ardon

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