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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lego Ninjago and Universe story: Revenge

This is the continuation book of the Lego ninjago, universe and city story: The Maelstrom ninja! Also, this story is under the maelstrom ice ninja's POV(Point Of View).
The maelstrom ice ninja went crazy as all his 12 million dollars was lost and tried killing the Maelstrom ninja. However, Rick Shock, a very strong warrior, managed to defeat him and the maelstrom ninja was able to call for the police in Lego universe. Then, his clan of ninjas were separated from each other and the ice maelstrom ninja was banished to Lego Ninjago's dark island. What the Lego universe forgot was that one of his members was there...
Chapter 1: Finding all the members of the clan back
I stood up and looked around. Nothing here, I thought. As I walked through the abandoned island, I met one of my clan's members. 
I walked up and talked to him,"Hi Luke! What a pleasure to meet you here!"
Luke replied, "Hi leader, where do you think we can start to look for the clan's members? After that, we shall get revenge onto the maelstrom ninja and show him what we're made of!"
"Well spoken Luke! What about we start looking for them in Lego ninjago's Jamonicai village?" I asked.
"Sure, but we are empty-handed. Our weapons are stripped off from us." Luke replied.
"Oh no! What can we do?!" I asked. Then, Luke opens up a scroll for me to see.
"First, we gather up the members of our clan. Second, we buy some ninja weapons. However, I believe we are too infamous to do that. Instead, we will go to Lego City's mine to mine some diamonds, iron and silver. Then, there must be a person in our clan who knows how to make weapons. Third, we go to the maelstrom ninja's HQ and have our revenge! Mwahahahahahahaha!!!!" Luke told me.
"Looks like you have written down the plan before I was banished to this place." I replied. "I have been waiting for this day to have revenge on them. I'm glad you have the same intention as me."
Luke said,"It's my pleasure." Then, we went to Jamonicai village to find if any of their members are here. I thought, Looks like none of our clan's members are here. We went to a lot of different locations, but they still cannot find their members. Then, the I remembered that all his members were spread across the whole island of Lego universe, which is why I was banished. 
I told Luke,"There's no hope finding them here because all of the members are splattered across the whole island of Lego Universe."
Luke replied,"If we do, we have to be very stealthy." I thought, Yeah, indeed we have to. However, is there any problem when we are maelstrom ice ninjas?
Then, Luke interrupted my thoughts,"Are you daydreaming?"
I replied,"Sorry about that, but still, we can definitely be stealthy enough to gather our members back to a clan."
Luke told me,"Good that you have confidence. However, we will need actual ninja clothing."
"Actual ninja clothing? What do you mean by that?" I asked.
Luke replied,"Actual ninja clothing as in the ninja clothing in black." I thought, Oh no! Not the old ninja clothing! 
Then, Luke interrupted my thoughts again,"Where's your reply?"
I replied,"Alright, I'll wear the normal ninja suit." We walked for hours to Lego Universe and we were finally there. We tried to be as stealthy as possible and find our members at the same time, however, we couldn't find any of our members as they did not see us or couldn't recognize us as we were in black ninja clothing.
"What do we do?" I asked nervously.
"IDK(I don't know)." Luke replied. When we came out of where we were hiding, I suddenly felt hit in the back, and fell unconscious.
Chapter 2: The great betrayer
When I regained consciousness, I realized that I was trapped inside a very dark room and I can hardly see anything. As a result, I used my hearing senses instead.
"I have captured your target. Give me the money." Luke said.
"Thank you, here's $100 000." A unknown person replied.
"Do you think you can help me get rid of him too?" Luke asked.
"Sure, give me $4000 after I finish getting rid of him." The unknown person replied. I thought, Uh oh, this is bad. I need to get out of here as soon as possible! However, when I tried to get up, I was still stuck on the ground. When I looked down on my legs and arms, I realized they were tied. Oh no! I thought. This will be the end of me! Then, the unknown person cut of the strings on my arms and my legs and I immediately ran.
"Catch him!" The purple ninja shouted. Then, Luke ran after me and I ran towards the south. However, I ran to a dead end because there was a sign which lead me to a trap. I was hanged upside down by a vine.
"Gotcha! You won't run away that easily, Steven Freeze!" Luke shouted. I thought while still upside down, How did he know my real name? I never even told them once!
"You are going to back to where you belong: a bucket of pieces for building other stuff in Lego Universe!" Luke told me.
"What?! How dare you betray me!" I said angrily.
Chapter 3: The escaping of the trap
"I thought the maelstrom ice ninjas were a good clan, but little did I know your clan is filled with cold blooded people! The maelstrom ninjas were way better than you! With the thought of this, I felt so sick!" Luke complained. I thought, Was I really that bad till he always feels pain in the heart? I guess not, he may be trying to fool me.
"I don't believe you." I replied. "If you did, why did you be so loyal to me for so long?"
"If I didn't, I would have to betray you earlier! Plus, I need to find the perfect time like now to capture you and get rid of you so that you can get out of my sight!" Luke shouted crossly.
"W......wh...... what? I don't get it, am I so bad till you hate me so m...m...much?" I stammered.
"Do you even have a conscience to admit your mistakes?!" Luke asked. I couldn't help it but to shut my mouth. I mean, how in the world can I tell him that I have a conscience or not? Eventually, I lied, "Yes."
"Does it take so much to say a 'Yes'?" Luke asked. Sweat started dripping from my forehead and I shivered nervously.
"How could he possibly read my mind?" I mumbled. Then, I lied again, "No."
"If it's a no, then why do you have sweat on your forehead and why are you shivering from head to toe?" Luke asked. "It means you have a conscience! Why didn't you say it straight and properly just now?! In fact, if you do, why did you ignore it?" I trembled from head to toe again and my mind went blank, not knowing what to say.
"Where's my answer?!" Luke asked again. Finally, I stood up and told him, "Because I'm a evil dragon of darkness! Mwahahahahahahahaha!!!" I turned from a small minifigure ninja to a size of a huge dragon and also broke the vines.
"Uh oh..." Luke said as he stepped backwards. "I shouldn't have agitated him..."
"It's too late to regret, little ninja!" I roared. Then, I shot a huge ball of maelstrom at him, which sent him flying all the way to the North side of Lego Universe. Then, I flew away to make some destruction on Lego Universe.
Chapter 4: Maelstrom ice dragon attacks!
(From this chapter onwards, this story will be under Luke's POV.)
I fell unconscious for awhile after being shot by that dragon, Steven. After an hour, I regained consciousness and stood up. Then, I rushed to inform everybody that Steven turned into the dragon and will destroy Lego Universe. However, when I warned them, they just laughed away saying I was joking. I felt so mad that I felt my face was going to explode and I wanted to scream at the top of my voice. However, before I could scream, a red ninja ran in circles in front of me. He was so fast until my eyes couldn't catch him. Finally, he stopped and introduce himself.
"Hi, I'm Zap. What's yours?" He said.
"My name is Luke. Nice to meet you." I replied.
"Sorry about that running. Did I scare you?" Zap asked.
"Nah, I'm not that easily scared." I told him.
"Good, 'cos you're going to learn my greatest secret..." Zap said. Suddenly, his feet had silver backings and his yellow hand turned into a iron hand.
"You're a ninborg?!" I said in a shocked manner.
"Yeah, more or less. However, those parts transformed aren't the only robotic parts..." Then, Zap's head went into his body and body armour appeared. A different head popped up along with a helmet.
"I'm a robot or nindroid. Whatever you want to call me."
"Oh my goodness!!!" shouted.
"Keep it down, dude." Zap whispered as he turned back to a ninja. "I'm sharing this secret to you only, and nobody else can hear it."
"Why are you showing me this? Do you have any purpose in doing so?" I asked.
"You talked to a person wearing blue pants, space suit-like shirt, skull armour and a helmet right?" Zap asked.
I replied, "Yeah, why?"
"Because I want to help you to stop the dragon." Zap told me.
"Thank goodness! Finally somebody wants to help me!!!" I said excitedly.
"Yes I can, but what can you offer in return because I help you?By the way, I'm working on making a Lego fuel station for the races." Zap replied.
"Fuel station? Do you need fuel?" I asked.
"Yeah, more or less. As much fuel supply as I can get." He replied.
"What about 10 tanks of fuel to contribute to your station?" I said.
"Great! Let's go for the dragon right..." Before Zap could finish his sentence, somebody shouted, "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"What the?" I said.
"Looks like someone needs out help! Let's go!" Zap said proudly. Before I could reply, I was dragged along with him to find the victim.
Chapter 5: Victims illness(:p)
Truthfully speaking, I'm a bit scared of dragons, but what can I do about it? I was the one who caused the trouble anyways. Still, we went to the place where the victim was. However, we were too late. The victim was seen lying on the ground with a lot of blood. When I saw that, I wanted to faint.
"Are you staring into space? We have no time for that!" Zap shouted. I shook me head. 
"Good, 'cos we need to get to where that crazy dragon is!" After saying that, Zap dragged me along to find the Steven. While finding him, we came across another victim. Seeing that really makes me want to run away.
"I... can't... take... it... anymore..." I said while panting. Then, I fainted and didn't know what was going on.
Chapter 6: Last hope
(Zap's POV)
"Hello? Wake up Luke! There's no time for this!" I said angrily. However, I didn't know whether if he had hear my words or not, so I just left him there and ran as fast as lightning to find the dragon.
"Nobody gets in my way!!!" The dragon Steven growled. He knocked over almost everything in Lego universe and destruction was caused everywhere. I could not take it to see all the innocent citizens of Lego Universe get hurt because of Luke causing Steven to be so mad. As a result, my eyes turned blue and I started shooting tons of magma at Steven.
"ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!IT HURTS!!!!!" Steven roared."You'll pay for this!!!" Then, he shot a huge maelstrom ball at me. Fortunately, I managed to dodge it.
"You will not hurt the innocent citizens of Lego Universe!!!" I shouted. My body was filled with rage when I said that.
Chapter 7: The final battle for Lego Universe
 This was the most important battle for me. I have never fight for a huge group of people living in a city before as this is the final battle for Lego Universe. Without hesitation, I punched him directly in the nose.
"Ouch!!! It hurts!" Steven shouted. Immediately, he breathed fire directly at me. I flew all the way to one of the nearby houses and crashed their roof. Then, I froze him with ice and he slowly turned back into the maelstrom ice ninja minifigure size.
"Urgh, what happened?" Steven asked.
"Is a dragon supposed to be your rage form?" I asked.
"I think so." Steven replied.
"Never mind, now that Lego Universe is in peace, let's go to a disco and celebrate!!!" I shouted.
(At the disco)
"Now that everybody has assembled, let's sing a song to celebrate!! Steven, here please!" The person who was holding the microphone said. Quickly, Steven went up the the stage and started singing 'The Weekend Whip'. The entire disco was singing, even I was singing although I didn't sing very well. I have tried my best and everybody was happy.

The end
Note: The song 'Weekend whip' is sung by The Fold and I own no rights for it. It is also the Ninjago theme song
Written by Lynn

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