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Friday, March 1, 2013

The Lego City infection: Humanoid animals

Here's a story called humanoid animals! This involves a bit of using Chima minifigures, but still, here it is! (Note: Please do not think that I am trying to insult Chima. I like Chima and this story was made just for fun)
This is a story about the future of Lego City so there will be a whole bunch of high tech equipment mentioned in the story.
From 2013 to 2099, Lego City lived in peace and harmony although there were some minor robberies. However, at the start of 2100, a few animals which have human bodies came to Lego city and everybody was scared to death. The police tried to deal with them, but they gotten themselves infected with this infection too. The S.W.A.T also tried to fend them off, but they were defeated too. Eventually, the police head had to send off their best soldiers for fighting this kind of infections-I.D.D(Infectious Disease Defenders).

IDD Leader
IDD soldier

This police group wears thick blue pants, armour plating on the body and legs, face mask, helmet, black police uniform and a powerful gun. Will they succeed in taking down the disease or will they lose to the powerful disease and let the disease take down the city?
Chapter 1: The dangerous fight
I.D.D were sent off to the situation and they started fighting those infectious beast. A lot of the IDD rookie soldiers were infected, but the leader and the experienced members of IDD were still standing. Some of the members even shot the humanoid animals from their vehicles!
IDD jet w/ electricity blasters

However, in the end, every member of IDD were infected or killed, except for the leader. Being outnumbered, he had to run back to the Police Headquarters to call the I.D.E.D(Infectious Disease Elite Defenders).
IDED soldier
IDED leader

This team is stronger, more powerful and more high-tech then the IDD. This team is a back up team for IDD just in case they didn't succeed. IDED immediately went to their lockers and took out their armour. Then, they set off, ready to fight the disease.
Chapter 2: Bold and Brave
IDED set off proudly and bravely to fight them. In a few minutes, all of the infectious beast were taken down, except for the leader. It looks like a eagle humanoid but with a bit of black, silver armouring and a blue crystal. However, nobody still have any idea of what it is.

It then let out a laugh,"Mwahahahaha! It's me, Reable the eagle and raven humanoid hybrid, and this whole piece of land shall be mine!"
The leader replied,"You won't, Reable. You're too easy for us, the IDED!"
Reable then laughed and told him,"IDED? Don't you mean died? Mwuahahahahahahaha! Why would the 'died' be able to beat me up when I could beat them up and conquer this island?"
The leader answered him,"We are Infectious Disease Elite Defenders! Not 'died'! We aren't dead! Okay, either you do it the easy way or the hard way. You choose."
Reable took his axe out from his back. "Of course I will choose the hard way! I like a good fight!"
"Then, let's get started!" The leader said.
Chapter 3: The battle for Lego City
The IDED started to fight against the main virus but a lot of them were killed as the eagle humanoid was too powerful. Eventually, the IDED had to bring out their best weapon- The Ultimate Striker.(TUS)
The Ultimate Striker

TUS was the most high tech item of that time. They used a metal called Laser gold. Laser gold was the toughest material known at that time and they used tons of this metal to make the whole vehicle. It may be tough, but it is actually quite light and perfect for making vehicles. Then, the weapons are triple shooters which have 3 different laser guns- first type: standard laser beams.(Top right hand corner for the right hand side gun.)(Remember the time of the story is 2100, not now.) Second type: Gun type shots(Bottom left hand corner of the gun on the right hand side.) Third type: Security lasers type. They used this vehicle and was close to defeating the eagle humanoid. Suddenly, a meteor crashed into where the eagle humanoid was at. However, it also destroyed the surrounding items.
Chapter 4: Emergency
"Ring.... ring.... ring..." The fire station alarm sounded. All the perfectly suited firemen went to drive their awesome-looking fire engine to the fire. They expected an actual fire instead of a meteor. They saw that some of the police force were injured by it, some citizens were also injured. They put out the fire with the fire extinguisher and sent some of them to the hospital.
After a few months, Lego City returned to peace again but nobody knows if there these kind of threats will happen again.
Written by Lynn

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