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Monday, April 8, 2013

Lego City review: 60017

Here's a set review of set 60017 from the Lego City theme! I bought it at Metro yesterday. Here's a picture of it.

Now, if you ask me the I think that the age group isn't really correct because how in the world can a 5 year old kid tie a knot for the hook? It's just quite weird. Anyway, to the review!
Minifigures: Well, not much to say for this one, but you do get some new minifig pieces! Also, another girl minifigure! Hooray! I need more of these girls! (10/10)
Vehicle: It was indeed fun to build, but while building I realized that a few of the pieces were off the colour scheme for the vehicles.The overall design for the truck also has a bit of a flaw as after I took a video of the function, the plate for carrying vehicles seems to keep popping off. (8 and a half/10)
Pieces: Most new pieces came from the sports car that was spoiled because I don't have much dark red pieces. Of course, the tow truck had new pieces too like the 1x3 tile and the orange truck cover. (9 and a half/10)
Total: 28/30(Highly recommended)
This didn't beat my last record. Oh well. Here's the video showing the hook function.

That's it for now!
Written by Lynn

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  1. By the way you wrote Anyways to the review instead of anyway. I am going to write the comment without writing "Plamb" in the next comm! Plamb:)


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