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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lego hero factory MOC making tip: Making your villains look menacing

This post is on how to make your villains look menacing! Ever had troubles for making your villains look awesome,evil,menacing, or cool? If so, then this post is for you.
1. Height
Height is one of the best things to make your villain look evil, especially if taller than the heroes. One of the examples is this:

Both of the characters I've shown are going to come up quite soon, if you want to know. As you can see, the height difference is quite high. But of course, the hero size may vary, so some may look just about the same height while some may seem very short compared to the villain.
2.Extending the neck
This is just literally taken off from Lego's official sets, so not much to explain for this one.
The villain's mask is one of the most important things a villain would need. The mask can really make the villain look so menacing that your friends would just say it looks scary! One example is Plamb commenting on my post for Orguz. He said that it was scary which I think it's probably because of the mask.
4.Clawed feet
If you ever want to use this technique for making a villain, you had better use it on villain creatures. Otherwise, it can look extremely odd. One example is this:

Bruizulk(Seen in soft toys talking 4)
As you can see, the clawed feet works perfectly well as this is a creature. (Actually he's not a villain. Also, he will have his own post soon.)
5.Spikes/flames/ any other villain-looking stuff
Spikes can really make your villain look awesome or cool. Of course, you need to find the right spikes/flames or any other villain related stuff to fit your villain before it can really look awesome.
Make your villain look bulky to look very strong and evil. This is optional, so actually you don't really have to make it super bulky. Example in '1.Height'.
7. Weapons
Last but not least, give it a weapon! What''s a villain without a weapon? It can vary from a sword to a bladed shield, or even from a small gun to a huge mega gun!
That's it for now!
Written by Lynn

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