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Friday, April 12, 2013

Soft toys talking 10

(Continued from soft toys talking 9)
*After playing for such a long time, Elder sister penguin goes to take a nap.*
Younger sister penguin: *After winning the Game of life, she walks towards Duckie and Harmony Bear who are playing 'Fruit ninja multi-player'* Hi! Do you know where my sister went?
Duckie: She went to sleep.Oh, what's up with that Lego set over there? *Points to one of Younger sister penguin's Lego Friends sets.*
Younger sister penguin: That's my Lego Friends sets. I haven't been taking out them lately.
Harmony Bear: Why? Don't you love Lego Friends as much as your owner?
Younger sister penguin: I don't really take them out immediately like my sister.
Harmony Bear: Oh. Anyway, I have a camp with Duckie on Next Tuesday. Want to come along?
Younger sister penguin: Nah, my elder sister hates camping.
Harmony Bear: Well, I guess.... Wanna play another game of Monopoly?
Younger sister penguin: Nah, I'm thinking of playing something else... *Takes her smartphone(Yes she has a smartphone)and press the uno app.* Anyone wants a game of uno?
Duckie and Harmony Bear: Me!
Younger sister penguin: Great! *Presses the multi-player button, then press one device multi-player. * Harmony Bear and Duckie, which colour would you like?
Duckie: I would like yellow colour!
Harmony Bear: I would like blue colour!
Younger sister penguin: *Uses red player* Do you guys want a computer player?
Duckie and Harmony Bear: Yes!
Younger sister penguin: *Changes green player to CPU. Then, presses 'play' button.* There we go! Oh man! I should have chosen player 1!

Duckie: Darn! I should have chosen player 2!
Harmony Bear: I should have chosen player 3!
*All the soft toys playing the game face plams.*
Duckie: *sigh* Oh well... *Puts a 5 yellow card in the middle.*
Harmony Bear: *Puts the +4 card with multiple colour choices*
Younger sister penguin: *Draws card from because of the +4 card.*
*After finishing the game...*
Younger sister penguin: Yay! I won! Wait a minute, how come I never see the uno button?
Duckie and Harmony Bear: IDK.
Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.

Younger and Elder sister penguin

Harmony Bear

Written by Lynn

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