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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Soft toys talking 12

(This is related to Soft toys talking 11. Please read that before you read this.)
*Elder sister penguin wakes up from her 2 hour nap.*
Elder sister penguin: *Yawns* How was it going when I'm sleeping?
Everyone: Great!
Elder sister penguin: Uh, Smarty and Tubbie, I need to talk to you privately in my bedroom.
*Tubbie and Smarty exchanged that 'Huh? Why?' looks.*
Elder sister penguin: Are you guys going to come with me?
Tubbie and Smarty: Alright.
Elder sister penguin: Great!
*Those 3 soft toys are up in Elder sister penguin's bedroom.*
Elder sister penguin: How much did you guys get for your Performance assessments and stuff?
Smarty: I got full marks for both of my Math tests, 10/15 for both science tests, got full marks for Listening Comprehension and got 12/20 for English grammar test. I had gotten full marks for the mini-test and Listening comprehension for Chinese.
Tubbie: I got 1 mark less for every test.
Elder sister penguin: Well, I had both of my tests of Math and Science correct and 3 marks less for each test in English and Chinese. Guys, you may go down now.
Tubbie and Smarty: Okay. *They walk down to the first level AKA living room.*
Elder sister penguin: Want some more gaming?
Everybody: YES!!!!
Elder sister penguin: *Presses the app 'Risk'* Younger sister penguin told me that you guys played this before, but do you guys want to play again?
Everybody: YES!!!!
Elder sister penguin: Which colour does each of you like?
Younger sister penguin: Red!
Duckie: Yellow!
Smarty: Orange!
Harmony Bear: Purple!
Tubbie: Green!
Elder sister penguin: Oh man! Mine's blue! *face palms* *Presses the start button.*
Duckie: Yahoo! I'm first! *Adds 3 troops to a part with 5 troops. Then, attacks the green army.* Yay! I won! *Transfers 6 troops to a part with 6 troops.*
Harmony Bear: I'm next! *Adds 3 troops to a part with 7 troops. Then, attacks the blue army.* Yipee! I won! *Transfers 8 troops to a part with 1 troop.
Elder sister penguin: Oh no!
Tubbie: My turn! *Attacks the red and orange army* Oh man! I lost 4 troops to 1 troop! *face palms, then transfers 4 troops to the part with 1 troop.*
Smarty: Tee hee hee!
Younger sister penguin: My turn! *Adds 3 troops to a part with 6 troops. Then, attacks the orange army. Then, transfers 2 troops to a part with 4 troops.*
Elder sister penguin: Finally! It's my turn! *Puts 3 troops to a part with 6 troops.Then, attacks the green army. After that, transfers 3 troops to a part with 1 troop.*
Smarty: Yay! My turn! *Adds 3 troops to a part with 6 troops. Then, attacks the green army.* Yay! I defeated Tubbie!
Tubbie: Aw man! I only had one round! *face palms.*
*Smarty is the second soft toy to get eliminated.*
Smarty: Come on! Why did I placed so low this time?!
Harmony Bear: Hee hee!

*Younger sister penguin is the third soft toy to get eliminated.*
Younger sister penguin: WAHHHHH!!!! WHY?!
Harmony Bear: Yay!
*Duckie is the fourth soft toy to get eliminated.*
Duckie: Well, at least better than last time.
Elder sister penguin: 1 more enemy to go!
*Harmony Bear is the last soft toy to get eliminated.*
Harmony Bear: Come on! I nearly won! *face palms*
Elder sister penguin: I won again! Yay! *Starts singing the whole song of Light Brick.*
Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.

Younger and Elder sister penguin

Harmony Bear



Written by Lynn

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