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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Soft toys talking 9

(Note: This is related to Soft toys talking 8. If you never see that and skipped to this, you are going to be clueless of what's happening.)
*Duckie and Harmony Bear walked towards Elder sister penguin. The younger ones(Younger sister penguin, Tubbie and Smarty) sat at the side of the house playing Game Of Life board game.(Not on smartphone.)*
Elder sister penguin: *Picks her token as wheelbarrow again.* Duckie, which token would you like?(PS: Duckie's token background is yellow.)
Duckie: I would like the hat token!
Elder sister penguin: *Does what Duckie wants.* Harmony Bear, which token would you like? By the way, do you guys want a computer opponent? If so, what level of difficulty do you want for the opponent?
Duckie and Harmony Bear: Yes! And level 3!
Harmony Bear: Also, I want the iron token! (Iron as in the thing which irons the clothes.) (Her token background is pink.)
Elder sister penguin: *Does the things Harmony Bear wants and clicks the tick button.* Aw, Duckie gets to go first!
Duckie: *Shakes phone and buys a property for $120* Yay!
Harmony Bear: *Shakes phone and steps on the 'Just visiting'* Seriously?
*The computer player rolls 5 and buys the property, 'Reading Railroad'*
Elder sister penguin: *Shakes phone and steps on Electric company* (Thinking) I'm not buying that! *Passes it and it goes to auction*(I hate buying water works/Electric company because it charges based on what's shown on the person's dice.)
(Computer player wins it by bidding $91) 
Elder sister penguin: (Thinking) Seriously? I'm never expecting a level 3 opponent to be that stupid! *Shakes phone, then bought New York Avenue for $200*
Duckie: *Shakes phone, then buys Tennessee Avenue for $180*
Harmony Bear: *Shakes phone, then buys Saint James Place for $180. After that, offers a trade to Duckie for the other orange property*
Duckie: (Thinking) You're crazy, right? I would have gotten you to give me that instead! *Counter offers the trade.*
Harmony Bear: (Thinking) You are willing to sacrifice $400 just for a property? Nah, not taking in that. *Rejects deal.*
Elder sister penguin: *Shakes phone, then bought Marvin Gardens for $280. Offers a trade deal to Harmony Bear.*
Harmony Bear: (Thinking) Are you serious?I know what you're up to. *Rejects it*
Elder sister penguin: *Shakes phone again since she had doubles. Steps on North Carolina Avenue but passes it. Won by Computer player for $241.* (Thinking) Really?
*After finishing the game...*
Elder sister penguin: Duckie lost! Apparently, I thought the oldest would have won. Harmony Bear placed third and that computer player placed second! I won again! Woo hoo!!!!! *Starts singing the chorus of 'Light brick'.* I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, saying ayo, I'm a Lego! I wanna celebrate and live my life, saying ayo, I love Lego, 'cos we're gonna build this house, with the Lego bricks, we're gonna light it up, with Lego Light brick! 'Cos I've told you once, now I've told you twice, we're gonna light it up, with Lego light brick!
Duckie: Wow, I didn't know I could have fell for your trick.
Harmony Bear: Me too. Well, I guess we better watch out for the tricks you have on your sleeves, or hands. Whatever.
Elder sister penguin: For all of you viewers, here's the trick I used.
Harmony Bear-> 2 yellow properties.
Elder sister penguin-> Traded the last yellow property to Harmony Bear for the red property to get Duckie to give her the light blue property.
Duckie-> 2 red properties.
Elder sister penguin-> Traded the last red property to Duckie for the light blue property so that she can build houses.
Elder sister penguin: If you want to, you can use this trick while playing with your friends. To quote my owner, 'That's it for now!'
Me: (Thinking) Seriously?
Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.

Younger and Elder sister penguin

Harmony Bear



Written by Lynn

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