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Friday, May 10, 2013

Lego Hero Factory MOC: Jet Furno

Here's my Lego Hero Factory MOC, Jet Furno! Here's a picture of him.

I was thinking, if we had a Jet Rocka in Brain Attack wave 2, why not have a suit for Furno? I mean, Rocka is nearly always the guy who gets the good stuff, so why not give others a chance?
To start off, I want to say that his jetpack is detachable, but I forgot to do that before I disassembled him.(Yes, he is disassembled already.) So sorry about that. His jetpack has 2 fireball shooters(One of them was shot by me and the ball went missing. :p) and those are his primary weapons. These shooters may look simple, but it can heat up to 1000 Degrees Celsius and burn villains! By the way, you must be thinking why I chose Furno when I had so many choices like Breez, Surge, Stormer, Bulk, Stringer, Nex and Evo. Here's the reasons.
Breez: I don't know if a girl should ever have a jetpack. :p
Surge: I don't have his mask!
Stormer: I did a brain attack form of him already.
Bulk: I will do an XL form of him and besides, I won't be able to make him look good enough without the jetpack.
Stringer: I did a brain attack MOC of him already.
Nex: Like Stringer, I did a brain attack MOC of him already.
Evo: Like Stormer, I did a brain attack form of him already.
That's it for now!
Written by Lynn

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