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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lego update 13

Lego update 13 is finally here!!!! I know this has been stopped for 2 months already and I haven't posted any Lego Updates. But now, IT'S BACK!!!! Here are the pictures of the changes.

Accessories shop

Hula dancer's house(Updated door)

Yellow cross restaurant with apartment on top
In the first picture, you can see that the trading post is updated and it has become a accessories shop! Actually, the reason why I did that is because my Lego city was short of shops/stores and I had waaaaaaaay too many white and black Lego pieces and I wanted to clear them up. So, I decided to give the trading post an upgrade and turned it into a accessories shop! In the second picture, I put a new door for Hula Dancer's house. Not much to explain there. In the third picture, the apartment part of the building is updated! Instead of using the car windshields, I used the normal house windows instead! That's it for now and look forward to the summer update to my Lego City in June!
Written by Lynn

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