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Thursday, June 13, 2013

10 000+ page views post-part 1

OH MY GOODNESS IT'S FINALLY 10 000+ PAGEVIEWS!!! I'VE HIT IT! IT'S 10 000 PAGEVIEWS!!!!! CELEBRATIN' TIME! Now that I've gotten 10 000+ page views, I'm going to update my Chima Battleground MOC and also share with you some Hero Factory MOC making techniques. Also made a slight modification with the Kai KX minifigure
Part 1- First Hero Factory MOC techinique: How to put on the Multi tool ice shield(MTIS) on the back of a hero without looking awkward and with 3 long sized armour on the extra ball joints of the torso(Today's post)
Part 2-Second Hero Factory MOC technique: How to attach a hose like piece across a breakout hero body armour
Part 3- Updated version of my Chima Battleground MOC
Part 4: Kai KX(Ninjago TV series version)
Now, for the first technique for Hero Factory MOCs!
Some of you may be wondering how I got the MTIS on the back of Cedric Firelaser and Jay Acshooter without looking awkward and at the same time, they have 3 long armour pieces on the extra ball joints. Well, it's quite simple. Here's a picture of the pieces.

The scout drone piece is not required. I had that in the pic because I took this off Jay Acshooter and he had that piece to make it like a jetpack.

Here's how to make it.

If you used it, please give me credit. By the way, if you aren't using the extra ball joints for 3 long armour, you can use MonsieurCaron's method in his MOC video, Kenneth 2.0. How to starts at 0.49.
Hope you liked it and see you in part 2!
Written by Lynn

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