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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Interview with Soft toys: Duckie

Here is the another soft toy interview!
Shaun Burst: Hey Duckie! How's life?
Amos Swordman: Hey what's happening here?
Shaun Burst: CUT!!!!!!
Robert Claw: *Stops camera*
Shaun Burst: What are you doing here, Swordman? I'm halfway through this interview!
Amos Swordman: Alright... *Walks away*
Shaun Burst: And action!
Duckie: Going to get married with Harmony Bear soon! Around 12 June, I think.
Shaun Burst: Oh, okay. What do you usually do in your free time?
Duckie: Me? Just doing some prototypes of my cars in Lego form before I make them in real metal.
Shaun Burst: Oh. Who are your friends?
Nicolas Wolf: What's going on in the interview?
Shaun Burst: CUT!!!!!! *Robert Claw stops the camera* What are you doing here? I'm still doing the interview!
Nicolas Wolf: Oh. See ya later! *Walks away*
Shaun Burst: And...
Harmony Bear: Is the interview done?
Shaun Burst: Yeah, just wait until Duckie answers the last question. And action!
Robert Claw: *Starts camera*
Duckie: Harmony Bear, Elder sister and Younger sister penguin, Smarty, Tubbie, Snake and Pineapple.
Robert Claw: *Laughs when Duckie says Pineapple is his friend*
Shaun Burst: Cut!
Robert Claw: *Still laughing*
Shaun Burst: I said cut!
Robert Claw: Okay okay! *Stops the camera* Hope you like this interview!
Here's the pictures of the soft toys and Hero Factory MOCs mentioned in this post.

Nicolas Wolf

Robert Claw
Shaun Burst

Amos Swordman


Harmony Bear
Written by Lynn

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