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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Soft toys talking exclusive 1: 20 1/2

Here is a soft toys talking exclusive called Soft toys talking 20 1/2!
*Between the first week of Harmony Bear and Duckie's heatstroke recovery and the second week...*
Soft toy land region: Saturday 10:30 AM
Alarm clock: RING!!!
Elder sister penguin: *Yawns* Ah... another day has come!*Goes to the toilet to brush her teeth. Then, she starts preparing her breakfast*
Doorbell: Ding dong!
Elder sister penguin: (Thinking) Who come and ring the door bell when I haven't ate my breakfast yet? (Speaking/doing actions) *Opens the door and sees a chima minifigure* What the? Who in the world are you?
Liondas: Hi, I'm Liondas(Pronounced as Lie-yon-das).
Elder sister penguin: And you're from Chima?
Liondas: Yes.
Elder sister penguin: What are you guys doing here anyway?
Liondas: I would like to take a break from fighting the crocs, so...
Elder sister penguin: Crocodiles? What do they want?
Liondas: Well, to put it simple, the crocodiles has gathered up the wolves and ravens to attack us so that they can get chi. However, us lions and the eagles are having a hard time to fight them, plus the Gorrilas still haven't responded to the call yet.
Elder sister penguin: Oh. But why must you come here? Can't you go to other parts of Lego Island?
Liondas: But they will try and pull me back into battle and I want to rest at least one week.
Elder sister penguin: Alright, you can come in and rest. Just make sure you hide in my room when my sister wakes up later or if my friends come over.
Liondas: Okay. By the way, do you have any attractions?
Elder sister penguin: Sure! There is Soft Coast Park, Softosa, Softtoylogical gardens...
Liondas: I get it. Everything here starts with soft, right?
Elder sister penguin: Not really... there is one part of Soft toy land that does not have soft in front.
Liondas: And that is?
Elder sister penguin: Rakoa road!
Liondas: Oh. By the way, is the name of Soft toy land's airport called Softy Airport?
Elder sister penguin: Oh yes!
Liondas: *Sniffs* Do I smell burnt smell?
Elder sister penguin: OH NO MY HAM IS BURNT!!! *Runs to the kitchen and turns off the fire. Then, she takes the lid of the pot.* NOOOO!!!! MY HAM IS BURNT!
Liondas: Urgh... So what are you going to have for breakfast now?
Elder sister penguin: I think I have to eat the good old simple fish...*Walks to her refrigerator and takes out a raw fish. Then, she swallows it whole.**Burps*
Liondas: Do you have anything for me to eat? I'm hungry.
Elder sister penguin: Sure! *Walks to her refrigerator again and takes out raw chicken wings* Do you mind the chicken wings being raw?
Liondas: No.
Elder sister penguin: Okay, here you go! *Gives Liondas raw chicken wings*
Liondas: *Eats the whole chicken wing except for the bones.* Can you help me throw away these bones?
Elder sister penguin: Sure! *Throws the chicken wing bones into th dustbin.* How long are you going to stay in my house?
Liondas: I think I'll be moving to other soft toy's house tomorrow.
Elder sister penguin: Oh.
Here are the pictures of Elder sister penguin and Liondas.

Elder sister penguin

Liondas(Right) and his Lion scout car.(Although his scout car was never mentioned.)

Written by Lynn

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