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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lego Hero Factory MOCs dancing to the song, 'Gentleman'(Stop motion)

Here's a stop motion of my Lego Hero Factory MOCs dancing to the song, 'Gentleman'! Here's the video.

I just did this for the love of the chorus in 'Gentleman'(I don't like the verses much. Then again, it's not in English so I don't understand :P) and this is made for fun. This song is sung by PSY, the same person that sung Gangnam Style. Also, the audio in this video is not mine. It is PSY's. However, the photos are taken by me. This video just shows the MOC I made who is called Marcus Surge(elder brother of Mark Surge and I changed his visor to Breez/Rocka's. The time I took the photos, he still had Surge's visor, but the inner head was changed to transparent bright green),Pygrax and the MOC I showed for this post. However, in this video I gave him a weapons switch. Now, he has a minigun/gattling gun and a shotgun on his back. Although, the time I took the pictures he still has the Gresh Mask on it but it is not now. I replaced the broken Gresh mask with Stormer's mask. I hope you like it!

Written by Lynn

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