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Monday, September 16, 2013

Softtoy book chat 2

Harmony Bear: *Logs into her softtoy book account and goes to group chat and sees the chat tittle as 'Softtoy book chat 2'. Not again... what's up with these tittles?
Duckie: *Joins the chat* Did you see the soft toys speaking 4 on our owner's best friend's blog?
Harmony Bear: Yeah... sort of. He used the wrong colour for me! 
Duckie: He used the wrong background colour for me. |-_-
Elder sister penguin: *Joins the chat* Whazzup guys?
Duckie: Erm, we're discussing about the recent post that our owner's best friend made, Soft toys speaking 4.
Elder sister penguin: Oh. Wait, let me read that post first. *Switches tab and sees the post.* O_O SINCE WHEN WAS MY BACKGROUND COLOUR LIGHT BLUE AND SINCE WHEN WAS MY FONT COLOUR BLACK?! |||-_-|||
Duckie: OW! You don't have to yell!
Elder sister penguin: Sorry...
Harmony Bear: And as far as I'm concerned, we don't have floods that wreak buildings and I have never nearly died in floods. :| All of our floods are minor ones. Well, except for the one that was in the June holidays this year. :| It was quite huge. Seriously.
Tubbie: *Joins the chat* What's going on? Why are you talking about floods?
Harmony Bear: See our owner's best friend's blog post and you'll know why.
Tubbie: What's the blog name?
Harmony Bear: Superlamb777.
Tubbie: Okay! *Goes to the blog and sees the post* Hmm... I'm not in there, but did Elder sister penguin seriously call Lamb?
Elder sister penguin: I didn't, okay?
Duckie: Tubbie, where's Smarty?
Smarty: *Joins the chat* Hello!Duckie: Wow, I asked Tubbie where were you and you appeared.
Smarty: Heh heh, so what were you discussing about when I was absent?
Duckie: To summarize, we were talking about our owner's best friend's blog post.
Smarty: Do you know where's Pineapple? I haven't been seeing him active on softtoy book lately.
Duckie: Yeah, me neither. *Goes off the computer for awhile and watches the news, then rushes back to the computer* O_o Softcutie Avenue 12 is under a flood now! :O
Smarty: Oh gosh... I hate these floods.
Elder sister penguin: Wait, there's a flood at where Pineapple lives?! :O
Duckie: Yeah!
Harmony Bear: Erm, can we talk about other things?
Duckie: Sure! But what?
Elder sister penguin: About our owner's Hero Factory MOCs dancing gentleman!
Duckie: 'I'm a... I I'm a... I'm a mother father gentleman!'
Harmony Bear:  Don't they look like they're dancing too quickly?
Tubbie: A little... :S
Harmony Bear: Wow... this chat is getting too long... Let's go off now. Bye! *Leaves chat*
Elder sister penguin: Bye! *Leaves chat*
Duckie: Bye everybody! *Leaves chat*
Smarty: See ya later!*Leaves chat*
Tubbie: Goodbye everyone! *Leaves chat*
Here are the pictures of the soft toys that participated in this chat.

Duckie and Harmony Bear

Elder sister penguin


Written by Lynn

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