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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Lego mecha MOC: B8009

Here's my Lego power suit MOC! Here are 3 pictures of it.

Front view

Back view

Power suit w/ minifigure out of it

I was actually inspired to build this MOC after seeing this kickstarter project and I have to say, the kickstater project looks nice! Anyway, onto the MOC. Now, I can tell you this is NOT my usual building style, but for some reason I went with this today. Usually I would put the studs showing at the front but instead, it is at the back, that's why you see the bottom of the Lego bricks facing towards you on the power suit and the reason for that is so that I can use the holes on the bottom of the minifigure's feet to stick onto the studs.   I could have made some custom Lego power suit arms and legs myself, but I was lazy to, so I used some Hero Factory parts. Then, I built some relatively simple feet to go along with it. Next, what's a power suit without a weapon? That's why I added a blaster on the lower right arm! The other lower arm is a very armoured arm with a fist. After the basic thing was finished, however, I had some problems that I managed to fix and they are:
1. The waist kept dropping off the upper body. I fixed that by using Lego technic bricks to support it(although it made me have to modify it a bit).
2. The part which connects the fist's fingers keeps dropping off. I fixed it by using some sideways building bricks(I love 'em!) and placed a roof tile onto the sideways building bricks.
By the way, my examinations are over!!! :D I'll be back to my normal posting times(post everyday, skip a day or 2 sometimes)! Haven't came up with a story though.That's it for now and I hoped you like this MOC!
Written by Lynn

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