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Monday, November 4, 2013

Lego hero factory story: Trailing of Tosic, the former hero

Here's a Hero Factory story, called 'trailing of Tosic, the former hero'!
After the mysterious leaving of Hero Factory's hero, Thomas Blast , a hero was sent to track Thomas Blast, only to get shot by him plus some weird things while in his stay...
Chapter 1: Tracking down Blast
"Hmm... where are you Blast? My radar shows you're near... but you're nowhere!" Stringer mumbled, complaining. Suddenly, he got shot and then he went unconscious. Tosic, formally Thomas Blast, walked towards Stringer and grinned evilly. When he was about to strike at Stringer's hero core, some other heroes came and it was, in fact, his old members. Grrr... I'll deal with them next time... Tosic thought. He then blasted some poisonous gas and ran away, leaving his former teammates unconscious.
When Stringer woke up, he was in a hospital. Then, he saw Stormer and Furno.
"Woah kid, you better be more alert next time! By the way, did you see who shot you?"Stormer chided Stringer.
"Nah... I didn't even see the shot coming, let alone see who shot me!" Stringer replied.
"I'm just giving you some advice: Stay alert, even if you are just looking for a lost hero. Perhaps he has turned into a villain!" Furno advised.
"A villain?!" Stormer and Stringer asked, shocked.
"What? I'm just saying he may have!" Furno replied.
"Anyway kid, you had better be careful next time you look for that hero. See you around,"Stormer left the hospital room after saying that.
"Bye,"Furno bid farewell and left. Stringer sighed and turned to the left side of the bed and saw another hero patient. He started to think, Maybe what Furno said is really true? Oh well, I should get some rest so that I can get out of this hospital! Then, he slept. Blast, under his new name of Tosic, caused tons of destruction to Makuhero City, yet the heroes can't catch him, all because of his blaster.
Chapter 2: The dream of warning
Stringer was walking inside a deserted building, trying to track down Thomas Blast. He was nearly going to get shot like last time, but managed to dodge the blast and turned his head to see the blast hitting the wall behind him.
"Woah! Good thing I dodged that one!" Stringer said in relief. When he turned back to where he was headed to, he saw a hooded figure and couldn't get a good glance of his face. The moment he saw the hooded figure, the hooded figure ran away and shot a green gas onto Stringer.
Then he woke up. Stringer wondered about the strange dream.
Stringer mumbled,"Oh boy, what could that mean? Is that a sign of danger? Oh well, who cares?" Then he went back to sleep. Then came another weird dream.
Stringer was driving the hero craft to complete one of his missions, but all of the sudden, his hero craft windscreen became opaque. Even the windows became opaque. There was no light in there and he was hardly able to see where he was going to with the hero craft like this. Worse still, he can't even see the door of the hero craft because of the darkness! Then the same hooded figure that he saw in his first dream appeared in this dream. The hooded figure took of his hood and Stringer immediately recognized his helmet; it's Thomas Blast!
"Wait, what are you doing here, and why did you shut down all the light available, Thomas Blast?!" Stringer questioned.
"Oh, why, are you asking that? And I'm no longer your good old Thomas Blast! I am a ruthless villain, now named Tosic!" Thomas Blast, or now Tosic, replied.
"But... why? You were a great hero to Hero Factory!" Stringer asked.
"Oh, that is because of the poor service of your other heroes did! Everyone in my group is so dumb and my leader is so strict! Every time I get blamed for failing a mission when Zib scolds us when it's not even my fault! And soon I got interested in villainy so I decided to betray your beloved Hero Factory. Anyway, just cut the talk because I'm not here to explain to you all this and I have better things to do!" Tosic replied. Then, he sprayed the green gas like he did in the last dream and once again, Stringer woke up at this very moment. Stringer thought, Urgh... why do I keep getting these strange dreams?! I want to get a comfortable sleep and no more dreams that have anything to do with that Thomas Blast! He went back to sleep again, but he still keeps having nightmares on Thomas Blast.
"ARGH!!!!" Stringer yelled as he sat up, "FORGET IT! I'm not gonna have anymore sleeps so as to avoid those stupid dreams!!!" He laid down on his bed, but did not close his eyes. He just stared at the fan, bored. Stringer, bored to death and frustrated over the dreams he had for the past three hours, he complained quietly,"Just when can I get out of here?!" He rolled around the bed very quickly and after five minutes, the doctor came...
Chapter 3: Freedom!
As Stringer did not know what would the kind of news that the doctor would be saying, he prayed hard that the news would be that he could be discharged. It was good luck for him, because it is true that he could be discharged. He was more than overjoyed for that news.
He exclaimed,"Yay! I can go back for dut-"
"But you cannot go for duty yet. When I said you could be discharged I meant that you didn't have any serious problem, although you are not fit for duty yet. Stay around for 2 weeks to recover. See you around." The doctor cut Stringer's sentence.
"Aw.... good grief!" Stringer murmured. "But at least it's better than I can't do anything in the hospital!" 
He skipped happily towards his room and started playing games. For the past two weeks, he has been doing a repeated cycle of playing electronic games and sometimes going to recharge his hero core. And sleeping, of course. 
In that two weeks, the investigation of Thomas Blast's disappearance was still ongoing, despite Stringer's injury. Obviously, other heroes went instead of Stringer, since he was unfit for duty then. Heroes like Stormer, Furno, Shaun Burst and even full teams were sent just to find that one missing hero. Most of them met events similar to Stringer, except Stormer and Furno, since they were sent together, in other words, a pair.
"A week ago you said something about perhaps Thomas had turned into a villain. What was that about?" Stormer asked.
"Well, it was just a guess," Furno replied. They continued walking, Stomer looking at the back and Furno looking at the front. Then, Furno spotted Thomas Blast but unfortunately, he ran off.
"Wait, I saw Thomas Blast!" Furno shouted.
"Really?" Stomer doubted Furno.
"Yes! I did! And it seems that my predicament was true..." Furno sighed.
"You mean he really has turned into a villain?" Stomer asked.
"Well, not as I have hoped he did... I really hope that I was seeing things," Furno said.
"Anyway, we should stay alert, in case he catches us by surpri-" Stormer got cut off by the blast from Thomas Blast since he got shot.
"Wait a minute, what are you trying to... say?" Furno turned around and realised his partner had fallen. He squatted down and said, "Stormer, wake up! Please wake up!"
"Heh heh heh, heroes having partners are great because once one is down, everyone will focus on that hero and I can shoot down the rest..." Tosic grinned softly. "Don't you Hero Factory think that more manpower means that I'll get easier to beat." He then shot down Furno, who was distracted by Stormer. They both ended up in the hospital.
Finally Stringer was certified to be fit for duty. He was once again sent on searching for Thomas Blast and history repeated itself.
Chapter 4: Only hope
"Good grief! I think we have to send the elite team to find this hero!" Zib announced.
"But what if my vision was true? What if he had really turned into a villain? What's the point?" Furno questioned.
"If he really did, I'll just put him to jail," Zib replied. Furno sighed and reluctantly gave the 'go ahead' sign. 
"I'll assume you don't mind then!" Zib told Furno.
The elite team of five, Jordan Ice, Jovan Flame, Richard Arrow, Rick Claw and Dunkan Blast went to search for this lost hero.
"If anyone saw that Thomas Blast, let us know," Rick Claw commanded. Everyone nodded their heads as a sign of saying 'Yes sir!'. Suddenly, Jordan Ice saw Thomas Blast, but was unsure because of the change of body. Suddenly a blast came and nearly knocked out everyone in the team.
"Woah! That was a close one!" Richard Arrow commented. He looked up and saw Tosic, but he only knew him as Thomas Blast. Like Ice, he was unsure if it was really him.
"Erm, leader, is that Thomas Blast?" he pointed to what he assumed as Thomas Blast, asking.
"I think so, I'm not sure though," Rick Claw replied.
"WATCH OUT!" Jordan Ice shouted as there was another incoming blast.
Both Rick Claw and Richard Arrow shouted as they dodged it, "Woah!" 
"Yes, I know, all of you heroes have doubts on whether I'm Thomas Blast or not. Yes, I am, but I shall no longer be called that, because I have turned into a villain, now named TOSIC!" Tosic bellowed.
"But why? You're a great hero to Hero Factory!" asked Dunkan Blast.
"Oh, that is because of the poor service of your other heroes did! Everyone in my group is so dumb and my leader is so strict! Every time I get blamed for failing a mission when Zib scolds us when it's not even my fault! And soon I got interested in villainy so I decided to betray your beloved Hero Factory. Anyway, just cut the talk because I'm not here to explain to you all this and I have better things to do!" Tosic rebutted. Then, he sprayed the poisonous toxic gas which made them unconscious. After that, he put up some fake missions to get all of the other heroes out of Hero Factory so that he can destroy his former team members for the harm they had done to him.
Chapter 4: Revenge
Meanwhile, at the Hero Factory, Zib was trying to communicate with the elite team, but to no avail.
"Come on! I tried everything but I still cannot talk to any members of the elite team!" Zib moaned.
"Perhaps Thomas Blast really turned into a villain and smashed up the elite team members!" Furno made an assumption. Zib sighed as he saw  new missions on the mission board, "Oh, what now? So many new missions?"
"See you, Zib, I got a mission to do," Furno said as he ran off to the hero craft along with the rest of the Alpha team. Soon, all of the heroes were out, except for that one team which Tosic had wanted to destroy. He was at the Hero Factory roof, making sure every hero that could be a nuisance to him had left. Once that was done, he jumped into the glass roof, breaking it, and landed onto the floor of Hero Factory. All of the mission managers and whoever that couldn't defend themselves ran away. The ones that stayed behind to defend Hero Factory were his former team members.
"What brings you here, Thomas Blast?" One of his former teammates asked.
The leader slapped the hero's face and said, "Shut up!"
"Need you ask? I'm going to get revenge for all that harm you did to me when I was a hero!" Tosic bellowed in anger.
"Well, you ain't gonna beat us!" the leader said arrogantly.
"Oh really? I would like to see how you going to laugh at me once I've defeated you because you guys are so stupid!" Tosic told his former leader. Then, he shot the poisonous gas at his former teammates. They all went unconscious, but before the leader went unconscious, he choked, "ALUGH! I... CAN'T... BREATHE!"
Tosic grinned, "Good, you can't breathe, but I can!" Then, he ripped their hero cores out of their chests and the heroes died since they didn't have their source of power. Tosic ran away with the hero cores in his hands, which was really his 'souvenirs' of getting revenge on his teammates. He laughed evilly and loudly as he ran away from Hero Factory with the hero cores.
"Yes! It's done! It's finally done! After all these years I finally gotten revenge! Revenge on all harm that Hero Factory had done to me! Yes! Woo hoo!!!" Tosic exclaimed. Before the heroes from their 'missions' came back, Tosic was gone. 
Chapter 5: Chaos and protest
All of the heroes came back from those fake missions, most of them complaining that there was absolutely no one to save and no villain to capture.
Stringer whined, "What is this?! We got sent on a mission where we couldn't do anything at all! There is nobody for us to save, nor anything that we can do heroic actions!"
"Yeah! There's nothing for me to do!" Shaun Burst added to Stringer's complain.
"So you guys just sent all of us for nothing? What is this nonsense?!" Jake Bulk moaned.
"Cool down, heroes. Wait for Zib to explain!" Stormer defended Zib. The heroes continued complaining, and Zib didn't dare to show up in front of them as he was afraid they might shoot at him or throw things at him. Meanwhile, the elite team came back from their search for Thomas Blast, which obviously failed, since by the time they woke up, Thomas Blast was gone.
"Woah! What's going on here?!" Rick Claw queried.
"Erm... a protest, I guess?" Stormer responded.
"Protest?! On  what?!" Rick Claw put a question to Stormer again.
"Some fake missions," was Stormer's answer.
"Oh, I guess my team never knew about that since we went on the search of-" Rick Claw got cut off by Stormer.
Stormer asked, pointing to the heroes without their hero cores, "Wait a minute, are those heroes dead?"
Rick Claw said in response, "I dunno, I suppose so, since heroes can't survive without their hero cores."
"When is Zib going to explain about these missions?" Stormer asked impatiently.
"Well, maybe he's scared to," Richard Arrow suggested.
"Erm, Stormer, should I ask Zib out?" Nex asked.
"Well, at least I would want him to explain about those fake missions!" Stormer replied. Nex went off to find Zib, the mission manager who was scared of getting reprimanded by the heroes. While waiting for him to come out, the place where Zib announced announcements were filled with heroes complaining, arguing and even fighting over opinions on the fake missions. One of the arguments were Furno arguing with Rocka.
"Okay Rocka, stop whining and grow up. Besides, you're a member of Hero Recon team! I didn't know you were such a whiner!" Furno chided Rocka.
"What right do you have to say that I must not whine just because I'm a member of HRT? You're talking nonsense!" Rocka rebutted.
"Did you forget I'm your team commander?" Furno commented.
"Just because you're the team commander it doesn't mean that you can abuse it!" Rocka told Furno angrily.
This argument continued on and on.
Meanwhile, Nex was trying to convince Zib to come out and tell them what was with the fake missions. 
Zib sighed, and said, "No, no, Nex. I'm not going up there!"
"Why not? Everyone there wants an explanation on this case!" Nex replied.
"I... I'm just too scared to." He walked away and sat down on the floor, then heaved a sigh.
Nex murmured, "Oh well, I guess I couldn't convince him." He ran back to Stormer saying he wasn't able to convince Zib to tell everyone the reason on those fake missions. Stormer sighed and uttered, "If he doesn't come out, these arguments are going to go on for a long time!"
Chapter 6: Screams of horror
While the chaos was still going on, suddenly, Tosic came in from the broken window that he previously entered from.
"Hello, my friends," a grin showed up on Tosic's face. When the heroes heard his sound, they put aside the arguments and started shooting at Tosic. He dropped onto the ground and started shoot blasts that caused huge destruction in Hero Factory. All of the mission managers fled for their lives while the heroes stayed to shoot at him.
"Out of the way, heroes!" Tosic bellowed. He shot the poisonous gas and the front row of heroes fainted. All of those at the back also fled for they fear of getting shot.
"Don't think that running means I'll let you off!" Tosic shouted. He shot another shot of poisonous gas and more and more heroes fainted. Stormer thought, Running away isn't the solution. I had better hold him back! Stormer suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned around. Without hesitation he shot at Tosic. Tosic, however, had backup. He whistled and several villains came and started shooting at the heroes. A lot of heroes screamed as destruction came into Hero Factory. 
Then, an XL hero, whose name is Steven Missileshooter, stepped in front of the villains and warned them, "If you don't get out of here now, I will have to destroy you."
Tosic laughed, "Ha! Just because you're bigger than me it doesn't mean that I will be defeated by you!"
"So you refuse to go? Okay then, don't say I didn't warn you!" Steven Missileshooter said. After that, he started shooting at Tosic and the other villains. The other villains fled for their lives while Tosic stubbornly stayed at his spot.
"I. WILL. NOT. LEAVE!" Tosic bellowed and shot the gas. Missileshooter was quick enough and turned on his oxygen tank, thus, not fainting from the poisonous gas. Missileshooter shot another blast at Tosic and got his arm injured.
"Ow!" He groaned. "I'd better leave here but I will be back!"  Tosic ran off at the speed of light so as to flee for his life. Everyone chanted, "Missileshooter! Missileshooter! Missileshooter! Missileshooter!" Although Tosic retreated, he still had plans to destroy Hero Factory, and his former team was only one part of his plan...Till this day, Stringer has yet to tell anyone about his strange dreams, partly because he's scared to, and he doesn't know what do those dreams mean.
Alpha team:
Stringer(Main character)
Elite team:
Jordan Ice
Jovan Flame(coming soon)
Rick Claw(coming soon)
Richard Arrow(coming soon)
Dunkan Blast(coming soon)
Other heroes:
Unnamed member of Tosic's former team, assumed to be green and yellow.
Unnamed leader of Tosic's former team, assumed to be blue and orange.
Steven Missileshooter(coming soon)
Shaun Burst
Tosic(Main character)
That's it for now and I hope you liked this story!
Written by Lynn

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