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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Custom foam sheet wallet

Here's another foam sheet craft of mine, the foam wallet! Here are 5 pictures of it.

Close up on Lego brick design on my foam wallet

Front of the foam wallet

Close up on how the coin pouch closes

Back of the wallet

Inside of the wallet(left side is the coin pouch and right side are 3 card pockets.)

Of course, there is a slot for money, though I'm too lazy to show you that part.  Anyway, yes, I got a new colour for cloth tape and that is blue, as shown here. ;) The blue cloth tape was bought at another store but I never really noticed the shop name, so, unfortunately, I can't tell you the shop name, but one thing I know for sure is that this blue cloth tape isn't bought at Value Dollar. BTW, this is my third foam craft. Anyway, I just used 1 sheet of A4 foam sheet to make this wallet. As with my first custom woven wallet, the size of this wallet is 1/3 of A4 size... erm... stuff... plus a little bit of width because of the cloth tape in between to fold properly(foam isn't really a good material at folding, so unless you have some material that's foldable in between the part of the foam which needs to be folded or use a pencil to make a fold mark, you can't really fold foam). To keep the wallet in its folded state, I used a book to put on top of it for the wallet to keep its shape. Again, like my recent crafts(NOT including my paper woven wallet), I put a Lego brick and Rubik's cube design. :P A plus point for this, like my previous foam craft, is that it needs no sewing skills! Yay! :D Anyway, that's it for now and I hoped you liked this craft!

Written by Lynn

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