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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Lego legends of chima ultrabuild set review: Chi Cragger

Here's my Lego legends of chima ultrabuild set review, Chi Cragger! I bought this along with Scarox, the Hero Factory brain attack set at Gift Greetings(shop) yesterday. Here's a picture of him.

The pose was derived a little bit from his packaging though... Oh well, let's get to the review.
Figure: Good looking... though I didn't expect him to have an XL torso. Also, I don't really like his bones unarmoured. (9/10)
Colour scheme: Like most other ultrabuild characters, their head is the only one accurate to the actual minifigure, while the rest are a little... messed up... :P Especially this guy here... (8/10)
Pieces: This is my reason to buy this set, because there are new pieces plus some that I'd like more!
1. Cragger's head, upper part
2. Cragger's head, lower part
3. Cragger's chi chestplate
4. Sand green 3rd shortest bone in hero factory
5. Sand green Hero Factory hands
6. Dark green Ben 10 tail piece
7. Red coloured Frost Beast weapon... blade... thingy. :P
Existing but what I want more of that type of pieces:
1. Dark green body armour
2. Dark green 3 long sized armour piece
Total: 27/30
That's it for now and I hoped you enjoyed this review!
Written by Lynn

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