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Friday, December 20, 2013

Lego Ninjago MOCs: Dyno, Nindroid tank and General Wrytar

Here are my Ninjago minifigure MOCs, Dyno, Nindroid tank and General Wrytar! Here are the pictures of them.

Left to right: Dyno, Nindroid tan, General Wrytar
Dyno's background: A highly trusted nindroid of Wrytar and has a slightly different appearance in comparison to other generic nindroid warriors and soldiers, he was of a slightly modified and upgraded version of them, which was by their creator, though his design was failed as well, and went off with other nindroids. With his skills greater than an ordinary warrior or soldier, Wrytar had put him in the position of second in command. Later, upon the learning of the greater weapons of power, General Wrytar had ordered his troops many times to get the weapons, and Dyno was once sent to get the spear of water, prior to an upgrade of his which makes him waterproof, thus, it also makes him not vulnerable to Jordan, the ninja of water.
Wrytar's background: The leader of the creator's group of nindroid minions, he had betrayed the creator with the other nindroids, thanks to a glitch that made them did so, and set off for their own power, their own land. 
Wrytar, being a leader class nindroid, was much stronger than other nindroids and when he was the only one left in a fight, he is sure to beat his opponent. Upon learning about the greater weapons of power, he has been trying to have the nindroids to take them, wherever they are, wherever they may be, he wants them, no matter the circumstances. He wants his own land and his own power and he'll do anything to get it.
Nindroid tank background: A little creation of Wrytar's, it was used as a battle vehicle and for transportation purposes, though, this is one of the many vehicles.
That's it for now and I hoped you liked this MOCs!
Written by Lynn

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