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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Lego 'Phones 4u sports day' game avatar MOC

Here's my Lego MOC of my "Phones 4u Sports Day" game avatar! Here are 2 pictures of it(captions specify which one is the Lego version and which one has the game's actual avatar).

Picture of what my game avatar looks like

My interpretation of my game avatar in Lego form

Just a little random thing I made for the fun of it. Also, I didn't make my avatar's spectacles because I just couldn't find a good way to do so. Yes, I know my self MOC Shaun Burst is there but that is because I put that as my Facebook photo, but I obviously can't put that on the Lego version unless I make a sticker or something. Also, this game(Sports Day) is on Facebook(FB). This is how you find it:
1. Go to and paste this on the search bar or use your mouse cursor to go over it and right click, then, click "Go to (said webpage)")
2. Sign in to facebook if you have an account already, or sign up for one if you haven't.
3. Type "Phones 4u" in the search bar and click the first result.
4. At the description of the Phones 4u page(it's under the profile picture), go to the right. You'll see 4 pictures on there. Click the one which has the 8 and a down arrow.
5. Finally, click on this:

(Click on this on the FB page, not here. :P)
Anyway, that's it for now!

Written by Lynn

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