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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Soft toy review: Yellow angry bird(Chuck) w/ chirstmas hat

Here's my soft toy review of the yellow angry bird with Chirstmas hat which I bought 2 days ago at the Robinson Expo sale! Here's a picture of it.

I just bought this because I thought it was cute. :P But seriously, I actually wanted to buy the black bird(bomb bird) but my mum didn't like black so I ended up buying the yellow bird instead. :P Anyway, come to think of it, this one is actually cuter than the bomb bird. :P Anyway, the angry bird plush/soft toy is quite a good deal since it's only S$5 and it also has sound effects. :) Here's the video of the sound effects.

Oh, BTW, the yellow angry bird still has his hair if you ever took off his hat. Anyway, that's it for now and I hoped you like this review and you should be able to see him in upcoming soft toys talkings!

Written by Lynn

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