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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Soft toys talking exclusive: The booked holiday trip: Part 6

(See part 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 before you see this post)
*All three soft toys go to the hotel for a buffet for their breakfast, and come back to their room again.*
Elder brother Smiley: *Yawns* It's only 9 AM... why did you wake me-
Younger sister Smiley: Did you forget?! We're going back to soft toy land today!
Elder brother Smiley: What?! I better get up! *Gets out of the bed and brushes his teeth, then he comes out again* Wait, where's Always There Bear?
Younger sister Smiley: Oh, she went to the airport and she's now waiting for us. :P
Elder brother Smiley: Anyway... let's pack our luggage... *Starts packing up his luggage and his sister does the same action*
30 minutes later...
Elder brother Smiley: Ready?
Younger sister Smiley: Yep!
Elder brother Smiley: Well, let's head back home!
*The Smileys take the lift down to level 1 and take the taxi to the airport*
An hour later...
Elder brother Smiley and Younger sister Smiley: *Comes out of the taxi*
Elder brother Smiley: *Sends a text to Always There Bear*
Elder brother Smiley's phone:
Elder brother Smiley: Always There Bear, where are you waiting at?
*a few seconds later...*
Elder brother Smiley: Always There Bear, where are you waiting at?
Always There Bear: I'm waiting near the departing queue zone.
Elder brother Smiley: Thanks!
Elder brother Smiley: Younger sister Smiley! Always There Bear's waiting for us near the departing queue zone!
Younger sister Smiley: Okay! *She and her brother goes to the departing queue zone and found Always There Bear* Hello!
Always There Bear: Hello! Let's queue up for departure!
Elder brother Smiley: Erm... let me go to the toilet first... After all, there's still 24 minutes before the departing. *Goes to the male toilet*
Younger sister Smiley: *Sits down beside Always There Bear* So, another 24 minutes to wait? *Looks at smartphone* Maybe not... :P
Always There Bear: Yeah, more like 22 minutes before departing... :P
*2 minutes later*
Elder brother Smiley: I'm back! *Seats on the bench with the duo*
*The 3 soft toys chat with each other for awhile and they go and queue up at around 10 minutes before departure. Then, they go on the plane and go back to soft toy land. They then board the same taxi that had brought them to Softy airport when they were going to Angry Bird Land. After that, they take the same lift but to different levels. Always There Bear left the lift first while the Smileys exit the lift later on*
Here are the pictures of the soft toys mentioned in this post.

Elder brother Smiley

Younger sister Smiley

Always There Bear
Written by Lynn

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