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Monday, January 6, 2014

Lego Bionicle Glatorian MOC: Kriger

Here's my Lego Bionicle Glatorian MOC, Kriger(Danish for warrior)! Here's a picture of it.

Tribe: None, though his colours seem as a cross between the water tribe, jungle tribe and fire tribe.
Type: Warrior, loner
Personality: Kriger is a peacemaker, and also doesn't really mind being just a member, though he would be happy to be leader. He also does not tolerate dirty tricks like Strakk's.
Status: Alive
Weapon: A long staff like bladed weapon that can act as a spear as a sword. Kriger, however, prefers using it as a sword, though when enemies are far but not out of the weapon's range, he uses it as a spear.
Background: Kriger was somehow a cross between a water tribe, fire tribe and jungle tribe member and was greatly rejected by all three tribes and became a loner. However, he had met Ayaziwa and became friends since. 
He particpated in the core war with Ayaziwa and other similar glatorian for the energized protodermis. However, for some reason, his right hand was cut during the war. After the Shattering, he ended up on Bara Magna. 
Because of his right hand being cut, he had made himself an artificial claw hand since he is a robot engineer. After the glatorian system was found and was ready, he started participating in the great tournaments and was found with winning streaks(which was before the arrival of Feroz in the great tournaments). Then, his friend, Ayaziwa, requested Kriger to train him some of Kriger's moves. He accepted it and started training Ayaziwa, while still participating in the tournaments. Kriger sometimes also goes out and hunts for materials to make weapons to sell to other Glatorians. Being a robot engineer also, he also uses the materials used to make weapons to make robots for his own use, some big and bulky, and also defensive, while some are digging bots which helps him on his scavenges. He has around 2 robots that help him make weapons, since 2 of his weapons are quite popular in the Glatorian community, and these 2 activities make him very rich. He is currently in the newly reformed Spherus Magna.
That's it for now and I hoped you like this MOC!
Written by Lynn

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