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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Lego wolf MOC

Here's another Lego MOC of mine, the wolf! Here are 7 pictures of it.

Standard pose

Howling(it's quite obvious isn't it?)


Wolf passing urine to mark its territory(I just used yellow as a representation of urine, but I'm not sure what real wolves' urine colour is)

Close up on the face(I personally don't think it looks good from the front)

Aggressive pose

Bottom of the wolf MOC

Now, for some reason, I think I've gone on a Lego animal MOC spree. :P Nah, just kidding, but for some reason, it seems that I am making animal MOCs a lot now. Anyway to the MOC!
Now to start of my main inspiration was some wolf pictures on google which was the grey wolf(well it's grey where'd you think I'd get my inspiration at?). For your information, this is the second MOC that I've made with the upside-down build design(meaning instead of the studs being on top the tubes of the bricks are). Personally, the hardest to build is probably the head. It took me quite awhile to get the right shape and just what my mind was thinking about. Also, the eyes did take me a minute to decide what I should use for the eyes. The legs was next up, since I did think for awhile as to what should I use for the feet. In the end, I just used some Hero Factory parts and put some claws on them. For the tail, well, it's easy. I just snapped some Hero Factory parts together and volla! You got a tail for a wolf! Okay so as to why did I have some random white parts on parts of the wolf's body? I didn't have enough grey bricks to fill them up and also, real wolves actually have some white hair underneath their bodies. Well, anyway, that's it for now and I hoped you like this MOC!

Written by Lynn

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