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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Soft toy reviews: Fortune Horse

Here's my soft toy review of a horse soft toy which I named 'Fortune Horse' that I bought yesterday! Here are 3 pictures of it.

Fortune Horse on a plain black background

Fortune Horse in front of lighted horse decoration(lighted horse head is cropped away due to a person standing there while I took a picture)

Fortune horse in front of lighted horse decoration(legs of Fortune Horse gets cropped away instead and leaves the lighted horse all shining)

Basically, like what I've been doing for these years, I buy a soft toy that matches a year, and since this year is horse year in Chinese Zodiac(after Chinese New Year) , I bought a horse soft toy. :P One thing I must say is this horse definitely looks cute and obviously, I have to make the horse a mare(in other words, female) because of the eyes(so girly how can it be a colt's?, or in other words, male's?). And why did I name it Fortune Horse? Since the word "福" means fortune in Chinese, I translated it to English and since it's a horse, I put them together and named it Fortune Horse. :P Also, my sister has this too, but she named it "Glitter Red Horse" because we think there is actually some glitter on the horse's... erm... decorative stuff and it's red, so she called it "Glitter Red Horse". :P Also, the gold hair, tail and nose on the horse looks lovely and cute with the red. Overall, I think this horse is quite good! That's it for now and I hoped this review helped in some ways!

Written by Lynn

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